Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve! Let's Celebrate with Cake!

Ok, why oh why didn't somebody tell me how much stinkin' fun I'd have with that ball winder and swift? Golly, all the fun has taken the pain out the pulled muscle I have in my neck, and made this New Year's Eve day a really enjoyable thing. I worked half a day, and then went to my LYS. I went looking for Addi's in US #13, but she had to order them for me. While there (I couldn't leave empty-handed), I also picked up some yarn for the Shedir hat, some cotton yarn from Sockina, and a bamboo size "I" crochet hook. As I was leaving, I took a last glance at the sock yarn that I may have been staring at for a long time while in the store. So, I did what any knitter would do when faced with this precarious situation (last hank left on the rack, no pressure added. Nope, none at all). I took the plunge and bought it. Hot Rod Red....definitely not my usual earthtone color choice, but it was calling to me, and it appears that I will try to knit it up for Valentine's day - perfect colors. It's a yarn I've never knit with before, and it comes from Lonesome Stone Yarns in Colorado. Yummy! I was so excited about it, I wound it up on my ball winder. Here it is!

Oh, by the way, the little yarn cake (I love that term) below is the first sock yarn I ever purchased, and it is the next on my needles. It's Autumn House Farm sock yarn in the "Sunfish" colorway. I love the colors, and it seems like it will cheer me up on the most cloudy of least I hope it will. And it's sport weight! YEAH!

Me, and my big mouth in the last post about no snow. We got some snow last night, but of course, I had to drive in it today for 1/2 day of work. FPS - I'm keeping my mouth shut, but it was like a winter wonderland on my way to work this am. I just don't always appreciate driving THROUGH the winter wonderland.

Lastly, I'm leaving you with a picture of the stacked yarn cakes - they are almost as nice as my wedding cake, and just as yummy! The top layer is "Killer Bees" in Yarn Pirate. My hubby has requested socks in this colorway. He has never requested knitwear before, so he's getting them. I'm going to knit them on the hot pink needles that came with the Booty Club.....hmmm, might be an interesting New Year's Eve after all.....

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finished Object Alert!

Just a quick post with some pictures. It's amazing. Two posts in one day!
Here's a quick pic and stats for these great mitts!

Maine Morning Mitts by Clara Parkes (Knitter's Review)
Free Pattern link here.
Yarn - Mountain Colors Handpainted Yarn (worsted).
Colorway: Chinook.
Purchased at Haus of Yarn in TN this October.
Started December 22, 2007
Ignored until December 27, 2007
Finished December 29, 2007
Size US 7 Addi Turbo Needles

This is a very simple project and pattern. The mitts practically knit themselves. I knit (or is "knitted" the correct term?) this pattern with the magic loop techique almost exclusively. The thumbs were the only things knitted on DPNs.

I knitted these puppies while watching a couple of movies that we acquired for Christmas gifts....
The Lord of the Rings - First Movie
Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.

Ta-Da - mitts done. Ends woven in tonight. YEAH! Did I mention that I detest weaving in ends and sewing things together? I didn't? Well, I SO do.
So Happy Saturday night! And phew - I finished these before Adie went back to TN - these mitts are/were part of her Christmas gift. TTFN! Ta-Ta for now!

Three in a Row

Yes, that's right. Three days in a row of my incessant rambling. So that you will not think that we've been grinches in these parts, here's some pics of gifts that I received. Yes, I did my fair share of gift giving as well, but it's not polite to toot your own horn! Now, I don't think I need to discuss (again) my poor picture taking abilities, and the fact that I'm using a severly less superior camera than what my DH uses....

Up first, from my DH - a ball winder and swift. He bought them from my LYS, with a lot of hinting. Okay, I picked them out. Geez!

He also bought me the second book in the "One Skein Wonders" series - YEAH! My LYS Owner has a pattern in here - "Magic Loop Minis." Great patterns to use with your leftover sock yarn! I asked her to sign the book as well. This might be the time to insert that I need some blog help here - how do you make words and then cross them out and write in other ones. Like what you are really thinking is that I "made her" sign the book, and then after you cross out that phrase (while still being able to read it), you write that you "asked her" to sign you book. Is this making any sense? It's probably a little trick that is something you do in Blogging 101, but I seem to have flunked that class. Or maybe I never showed up for it. I just "jumped right in," might be the better choice of terminology in this instance.

Moving onward..........
My Aunt Adie gave me these gifts....please ignore the bluriness of the first pic (see first paragraph for pitiful explanation).

A great set of Leki hiking poles!

Crazy Aunt Purl's first book! It's a hoot! I've read it already, very easy reading, even amidst the holiday parties. It came already autographed by Laurie as well! :) Love me some autographs!

Lastly, but surely not least, my employees gave me this beautiful, thoughtful gift of a sock sack (complete with pocket storage for two separate balls of yarn, and little lobster claw clasps attached so that your yarn does not tangle whilst knitting from two different balls when doing socks toe-up, two at a time - WHEW! Now, before you start laughing at me, this is an advantage! It's a goal of mine to knit toe-up, as well as to knit two socks at a time. Stop laughing....I mean it. It is very possible! Anyway, back to the gift....they also gave me a gift certificate to my LYS. They are a thoughtful bunch, and I will miss them when I venture forward with my new job. That's another post in and of itself, entirely.

Enjoy the crappy pics - they match the weather around here lately. Gray and mundane. Not really even cold.....FPS - could we get a little snow here, especially when I don't have to drive in it? :)

PS, If I did not mention the gift that you personally gave me in the post, do not fear. There will be more gift posts, and your gift was not insignificant or unappreciated! :)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to DH, and the 50th Post!

Happy Birthday to my's today! Here's a picture of us in New York, many years ago. We used to go on trips with his business, when the economy was better. New York, Cozumel, Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands, Key West....etc. Now, we stay at home in the bitter, wintery season that is part of living in PA. But, you know, I love the changing of the seasons. Winter is definitely my least favorite season, because I crave the natural light, but I do get to spend more time knitting and wearing my knitwear (or giving all of it away, as I've been doing lately).
No, before anyone asks or thinks it.....I did not knit the hat I'm wearing in this picture. It was before my knitting days. I might have been crocheting on this particular trip, if I remember correctly. I may not have been. One never knows!
I also didn't dye my hair here yet either.....oh the days.....

On a side note - this is the 50th post for my blog! Exciting, and horrible at the same time, as it means that I've posted 50 rambling rants about mostly nothing. Hmm....

More nothing talk - we went on a trip yesterday to this place. Were we nuts? This was a madhouse, and why we thought we needed to visit it makes no sense whatsoever. We left at lunchtime and enjoyed a yummy Italian dinner here.
Lastly, we closed with a little shopping here and here.

And of course, we had to stop here for refreshments! *Please note that I'm trying to make up for lack of linkage on yesterday's post......

Coming soon to a blog near you - some gift posts, as I begin the process of putting them away, and conquering Mt. Laundrymore......

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Better Late Than Never.......

Merry Christmas to everyone! I know, I'm only two days late, but considering that this blog has been ignored for the past two weeks, well.....OK, I have no excuse, and I can't even hand over the chocolate, as I've pretty much eaten all of it to fuel the Christmas knitting....

No, I didn't finish everything I set out to make. My poor Auntie Adie didn't get her socks (she has 3/4 of one), and 1/2 of a fingerless mitt. But, we are taking a trip today (won't tell you where, so then I'll have to post about it tomorrow - you know, blog-pressure), and I'll have knitting time on the way there.

I finished my father's scarf in time for his December 20th Birthday! Hi Dad, Happy Birthday again! It promptly went from weaving in ends to his hands at breakfast! No pictures to see here....moving on......

I also finished my youngest nephew's sweater. It JUST fits him! I also gave my eldest niece (she is 2), a pink sweater that I've featured on the blog before. Don't know when I featured it, and for some reason, I can't be bothered to link to it (weeks away from a blog leave one pretty lazy).

And lastly, I did whip out this hat (my photo skills again are just great, and the hat is already gifted, so I cannot take another picture) in one day on the way to see "White Christmas." It was a very good production, but very different from the original movie. Both by Irving Berlin. The singing/choreography/dancing was really great for a small dinner theatre in PA....YEAH! Get out there and support live theatre people! :)

Lastly, I want to give a HUGE shout-out to Jen....she is friend from high school days, a blogging goddess, and a woman whose wit and humor just astound me. Jen if you want to chime in with your actual occupation here, go ahead! Check out Jen's blog and leave her some comment love, because she's down and out with a broken leg.....
PS - to tie this whole blog entry together, I do believe that I got to know Jen better while doing a high school musical production. Not "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" that everyone is gaga over lately (DD's in my house).... but actual live theatre. "Oh the theatre, the theatre." I don't believe that I was knitting in public back then, and maybe not even knitting at all. Those were the garter stitch days....But I do give Jen the credit for introducing me to Tracy Chapman, her first album (dating myself)....and the show we did together was my first show on stage (I preferred playing in the pit to singing about the Midas touch).
Long story short - welcome Jen....comment anytime! Happy to hear from you! :) My best to your family - love that you sister does Sheep to Shawl! :) I'm trying desperately to get DH to let me raise sheep! :) Ha ha ha!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Sound of Silence

You'd think the title would mean that I would have a stack of FO's, wouldn't you?
No, no quite. Ahem.........
I do have one finished scarf for my Dad's birthday on Thursday.
I have one sweater on the way.....
Another scarf about 80 % done......
A half of a sock (the first one)........
Fingerless mitts (yet to be cast on)........
Something small (? Hat) for my youngest neice, since her sweater clearly won't be done by Christmas, but maybe a hat in the same yarn, and a sweater mailed in Feb?
And a Partridge in a Pear tree. :)

But I have single-handedly (mind you), helped my daughters make jewelry gifts for 5 of their friends, beaded 6 pair of earrings for various gifts (these are the easiest to do), re-strung a bracelet because someone gave me the wrong size initially......
And nursed a very sore muscle in my shoulder area, that I believe came from knitting under pressure. Hence the Sound of Silence.

What I have accomplished is much more important though, in the true spirit of Christmas. Church piano (and flute) playing, Christmas card writing, elementary concert attending (they all wore white sweatshirts with Rudolph on them - painted with their own hands and feet), Advent readings, Children's Christmas plays, shopping for anonymous childrens' gifts to give to our local Head Start families, and this week, some cookie baking for classroom parties/teachers, Christmas Eve rehearsals, Bible studies, Caroling, Christmas parties for work.... And amidst all this, I heard funny little things like, "Who is Santa's boss?" - You know I jumped all over that statement! I yelled, "MRS. CLAUS!" Hey, I felt the obligation to let her know. I also was asked by my youngest DD, if she could wrap her gifts herself.....hmmm...they are getting smarter these days....offering help when there is profit involved.

Next year I'm not subjecting myself to knitting deadlines. I will work on projects all year long for giving.....(I already do...ahem). I hardly own any of my own knitted socks. I DO own enough sock yarn to knit for all of the county though. Somebody stop me from this knitting promise now, because you know that next Thanksgiving, there will be a flurry of knitting activity, a mad dash to hunt through my knitting books for the perfect pattern, and more trips to the LYS for yarn (even though I clearly have enough to knit wool wallpaper for an entire room in my house). And then there will be deadlines and guilt. I will not have it, no I won't. But, I'll take the Partridge in the Pear Tree, and hey, maybe some chocolate!

PS - Did I mention that I'm adopting the wrap-as-you-go policy again this year? You know, wrap the gifts you need for the particular party in question 10 minutes before you leave. It certainly adds to the holiday cheer! :)

Colinette's Jitterbug on the left in "Kingfisher" and Duet sock yarn in "Icicles" on the right. Purchased from The Loopy Ewe!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Beading Mojo

This late afternoon was spent getting groovy with my beading mojo back and all.....
Actually, I needed to bead some bracelets for some orders that are soon due, so the beading mojo had to be back for at least a couple of hours. I do have a small jewelry business, and it's advertised mostly by word-of-mouth. This time of year, I usually get requests for name bracelets with birthstone crystals. They are for Mothers, Grandmothers, etc. I had three bracelets to do today, and they are finished, and off my list. YEAH! All are made with sterling silver, swarovski crytals, and Bali beads. The letter blocks are sterling silver as well. Also off my list, a pair of earrings for my daughter's teacher for a Christmas gift. They are also made in sterling, shell, and swarovski crystals.

And I made a jewelry set for myself, because I'm always looking for something nice to wear with black. This set is made of swarovski crystals, seed beads, Bali beads, and sterling silver findings. I really like it, and will try to coordinate my outfit to wear to work tomorrow so that I can wear this set with it. Pitiful, I know.

Now try to imagine cooridnating your handknit socks and your handcrafted jewelry to match your outfits.....yeah, I know, it's Christmas time, and no one wants to think that hard! :)

Have a great week!

BTW - sorry for the terrible pictures, I'm not great at photographing my jewelry. Have to beg DH for a lightbox soon.....

Friday, December 7, 2007

And the "White Christmas" Winner is.....

The movie/musical in question was "White Christmas!" You were all correct! Great entries! This Christmas movie stars Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen, Danny Kaye, and Bing Crosby! IMHO, nobody sings "White Christmas" quite like Bing!

Now, to the part that you've all been waiting for..............
The random generator chose.........

NELL! Nell, I think you are on Ravelry - I'm KnittingKris there as well - PM me your address, and I'll get your package in the mail! Thank you all for participating!

May your days be merry and bright. And may all your Christmas's be white!

The luck of the draw.....

It's Friday folks! The contest finale! Who will be the winner? I'd say you all have pretty good chances, as of this morning, there are only 13 comments...and one of them was my accidental deleted entry. Hmmm....
I just want to thank all of you for participating, and I'll be back to post a winner later today!

BTW - here's knitting to's a scarf for my dad's birthday, and it is knitting up pretty quickly, although I'm distracted several times a night by other projects. Knitting ADD! And IMHO, I think yarn should be the treatment for it! HA HA!

Here's a close-up of the knitted cables. They are a bit dark in this picture, but the natural light leaves early these days, even before I get home from work. And I know, I know....patterns are sometimes lost on dark yarns. The yarn used is Lamb's pride, worsted. I think we sometimes overlook the Brown Sheep company. They have nice yarns, and they are American made! :) This particular yarn has a splash of mohair (15%) to it, and it gives the yarn a nice sheen.

Off to work! Bah Humbug!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Contest FYI

Just an FYI - there is a deleted comment in the section on the Contest Post. No, I will not delete your entries (unless you leave some babble that is inappropriate for human consumption). Here's why the deletion occurred! Blogger never works on my home computer for some reason. I can create the blog, etc, but when I am ready to "Publish" the blog, I get kicked out of Internet Explorer (I know, we have a virus - we're sooo over it). I usually call my mom, and she posts, or rather publishes for me. Well, long story short, she published the blog entry for me last night, because I wanted to get the contest started. She forgot to sign out before she posted a comment in my blog (hey - she wants to enter the contest - she's a crochet queen). So, anyway......she posted her answer under my name, because she forgot to sign out of my blog.....this meant that the first comment looked like it was left by me! YIKES - I don't want to enter my own contest......

Just a little explanation.....Sorry for the inconvenience, and the number generator will run from comment #2 on - so go ahead and submit an answer all you lurkers! :)
It can't hurt, and you might win!
Oh, I forgot - a picture! Here's some Sundara Yarn that I purchased this summer. It is NOT a prize for the contest. It is for your viewing pleasure only.....
You know my motto - Every post is better with a picture.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Contest!

Before we get to the contest, here's some knitting for your viewing pleasure. Presenting the socks for my Mom's birthday present - finished.
Fiesta Boomerang Yarn in the "Glacier Mist" colorway. Purchased at The Loopy Ewe.
Needle size - US #3, Addi Turbo
Method - Magic Loop
Pattern - Wool Girl's Waterfall from the first sock club installment.
Started - sometime in November 2007
Finished - 11/29/07

Here's picture of the one of the socks on her foot! They fit her perfectly! Yeah! Happy Birthday, Mom!

We also indulged in a little bit of Birthday Cake (and ice cream, of course).
Chocolate Fudge cake
Peanut Butter Icing
Red/Green Sugared Sprinkles, added by DD #2.
Baked fresh, late this am, by little old me.
Served with Vanilla/Chocolate Ice Cream. YUM! YUM!

The part you've been waiting for.......THE CONTEST!
Your part - just submit your answers to the Christmas trivia questions, and if you submit the correct answers, you'll be entered to win the prize. Don't start sweating, they are pretty easy questions, and Google can help you! I've even given some hints. What's the prize, you ask - A $25 gift certificate to......

Wait for it......................

THE LOOPY EWE! And some other small goodies - who knows what will be added. To enter, please please post your answer to the two questions listed below. I'm asking that you enter only once, please! Correct answers will be entered into a drawing. I'll select the lucky winner using a random number generator. You will have until this Friday, December 7th at 12:00pm EST to enter! Good luck, and Happy Holidays!

We are traveling a small distance (in the very near future) to see a live performance of my favorite Christmas movie. It's actually considered to be a musical. Critics sometimes complain that it's got a very predictable plot, but I love it just the same. The name of the movie/musical is also a popular Christmas song - made famous by one of the four stars in the movie. Question #1 - Name the movie!
Question #2 - Name the four stars of the original movie (in any order).
Hint - The title of the movie contains 2 words, and the first word is a color.....

That's all I'm saying..........Good luck!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

She's going to kill me.....but here's a snap of Mom today. We were doing the Annual Christmas tree search today (terrible weather predicted for tomorrow, so that's why we chose today). We go to a local Christmas tree farm (family owned), and pick our tree. There is no taking one that's already been cut. You might be shunned from the family if you do. We drive over hill and dale, and hike around admiring the trees, (quietly so that the trees don't hear us, and shake off their needles in rebellion) and dispute the faults/beauty of the various trees. This takes about an hour, and I have to admit that I was the last one to decide on a tree today. I can't believe it! Well, yes, I can, but moving on...... We managed to get the tree home (brother has a new truck), put it in the tree stand (DH gets all that credit), and we added the lights tonight. Ornaments and such tomorrow. No tinsel here - it kinda reminds me of acrylic yarn....and we're not going there. It would be important to add that we did not once mention the word "divorce" during this process, everyone's limbs are still intact (I almost lost a thumb involving a drill and some outside decorations one year), and not once did we argue or fight. I think we're getting better at these things! :)

It's Mom's birthday tomorrow, and she'll really kill me for posting the picture of her on the blog. But hey - my mother is a saint. She's always thinking of other people. She's kind, caring, compassionate, Christian, and is always sort quietly working in the background, etc. Well today, she's the highlight of my blog. If I am half the mother that she is to me, my children will be richly blessed!
Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you! Sorry for the horrible exposure on the picture. It must have been the light....but you shine brightly! :)

PS - Contest details tomorrow - I can't wait to start! I've got a great prize! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sock Talk

I'm plugging along on the socks for my mom's birthday (December 2). She's already picked out the yarn, and the pattern, so she knows about the whole affair (she also reads this blog). I even tried the first sock on her foot on Thanksgiving day so that I could make sure it was a "custom-fit." My mother has always had on obsession with purple, so this colorway is the perfect one for her! It's one of my very favorite yarns too! Fiesta Boomerang. If you've never knit with it before, do try it! I'm not working for Fiesta, and I'm certainly not getting any free yarn here, but I must say that this stuff makes fabulous sport-weight socks. Yeah, yeah, the label reads worsted weight, but apparently, it's wrong. I couldn't possibly be wrong, the label is. I've knit socks in worsted weight yarn before (trying to prove my point here). They are much thicker than this sock knit with Fiesta. I would say though, that this yarn knits a pretty thick sport weight sock. But oh my, is it smooshy! I took it into my LYS on Friday, and the owner actually thought it was made out of something other than wool - it is that soft and squishy!

As almost all hand painted yarns, it sometimes pools a bit, but it also stripes as it pools - which makes no sense whatsoever in the knitting realm. I personally feel that this adds character and depth (no rationalization here, nope, nothing to see). I do really like how it stripes at the heel and toe. And when you knit the heel, different colors become more dominant on the heel flap where you S1, K1. The first sock had a dominant light blue/gray color, and the second sock has more mauve and purple dominance coming through on the heel flap. The whole dominance factor here could segue into a conversation about social class and rank, basically politics, etc. But that stuff is too heavy for a knitting blog.

Speaking of the heel of a sock, I am in love with the heel flap and turn (I just knit it tonight, so I'm still basking in the afterglow. It's a good thing I don't smoke). I think I read in one of the Yarn Harlot's books that she loves doing heel flaps and turns. The whole process makes her feel smart every time. I totally agree.
BUT, I must admit that I've never knit a short row heel. I've never knit a sock toe-up. I plan on these things for the new year.

Enough sock talk for one night. I'm on a mission to finish this pair this week, as well as my nephew's sweater. And then one 18 month sweater to knit, a scarf to begin (nad finish obviously), a second scarf to finish, and two small purses to knit in chunky yarn....Think I can make it? If not, please don't tell me! Or wait, yes, tell me. I love working in the face of adversity. I laugh at it - NOT!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Totally Unrelated Musings.....

Stick with me...this post is crazy. Maybe you'll find some enjoyment in my scattered and somewhat warped thoughts......

Did you shop today? Were you the first one at the store this morning, or maybe you "camped" at the local Everything-mart to get that one fabulous thing.....
Me, I did NOT! Well, I cannot tell a complete untruth. I did do some shopping, but not until at least 10:30 am. We stopped at my work to retrieve my coat that I left there on Wednesday (Note to self - it has gotten considerably colder, wear the coat FPS!). I picked up one gift at Wal-Mart for one of my many nephews, and headed to my LYS - where I purchased some yarn for my Dad's scarf, and needles, and more yarn for two more gifts that I have added to my Christmas gift-knitting list (say that phrase five time fast). Fear not, I have back-up, or perhaps, better known as "in-addition-to" gifts for everyone on the knit-list. I'm going to call the list - "Knitty Gifts from the Knit Wit." Not an original slogan, but it works. We then headed to the mall, where I managed to get some other gifts. I'm hoping to finish my shopping in the next week, so that I can buckle down and "knit like", yeah that's right - Knit Like Helga! Who, in my mind is a rather large German woman (no, not all German women are large), who also wields her knitting needles at the speed of light. I'm 75% German, so I can make this comment. I'm not rather large, but I am neither rather small, so I'll call myself medium. I digress, again. Sigh.....

Onto another topic - did you get one of these yet? I got mine, and I wore it today for the shopping expedition. Very cute! Very comfy for scouring the mall and such.
Please note - my shirt did not come with the wrinkles - I manufactured them myself. I only iron prn (in the medical field that means - "as needed"). PS - Today was not an a a prn ironing day.

Ever wonder how to display those little sample skeins that are so fab? Here's my choice for now.....I like it! Notice I'm trying hard to duck under the mirror so, as not to reveal how horrible I really look in the Ravelry shirt! :)

I did do my exercise routine this am - the first time in weeks. I've fallen into the big black hole of junk fooditis. Got to pick myself up again, and start getting in shape! :)

Knitting pics next time! For now, enjoy the holiday season. "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" I've been playing that song on the piano a lot lately. I have a great arrangement. Actually, my MIL and FIL gave me a great piano book of Christmas music a bit early, so that I could enjoy the music now. I've been playing from it for the past two weeks. I love Christmas music!

Lastly, in other news, I'm also thinking about posting a contest real soon - stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Be Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving! Ok - it's a day or two early, and this picture is really pretty corny. The title on the clip art is the "Macy's Turkey." I didn't knit a turkey, and I certainly didn't create this giant one that will float in the air, attached with ropes, and such. But I am going to cook one on Thursday morning - really early Thursday morning to be exact. About 4:30 am. I am stuffing that thing and then going back to bed, if I can sleep. I usually chop the onions and celery for the filling on Wednesday night, so that I just throw it all together and stuff the bird early on Thursday morning. Sorry, all you vegetarians and vegans. I like my Thanksgiving turkey! Really, the mashed potatoes and yams are my faves too!

I really don't mean to get all sappy and stuff, but hey, it's Thanksgiving and we ought to count our blessings, and truly be thankful.

I have a friend who is really sick with cancer - they label her terminal. In my nursing opinion, I know this to be true, but I also believe in miracles, and I'm still praying for one. Here's the thing. She's been a friend of mine for a long time. She lives within about a mile of my house. I can walk to her house and I have many times. We've shared many meals, laughter, thoughts on raising our children, bible study, girly talks, and late night swims in her pool (which she kept heated to 90 degrees F in the summer). Basically, I've known her for a long time. But the thing is, I've never told her that how much she means to me, until she got really sick. Now, each time I see her, I kiss her cheek or forehead, and I tell her that I love her. Why, or why do we wait for times like these to let the people who are important to us know just how much the mean to us? Are we afraid of people's reaction in this day and age? Are we too scared to admit that we need other people? Are we just plain embarrassed? What's the deal?

Well, I'm tired of it all. I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm telling people. You are important to me, I love you, and you'll have to get over any insecure feeling that you may have because I'm expressing my feelings!
So this Thanksgiving, I'm going to be thankful - and maybe just maybe, you'll hear about it......because everybody should be able to FEEL THE LOVE! :)

PS - no, I'm not suffering from an insane bout of PMS! And blog readers and lurkers, don't worry about me telling you prematurely that I love you, unless you bring me some Wollmeise or something like that....:)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Let It Snow!

Falling snow is a beautiful sight to behold, but really - on my new car? Isn't it enough that Fall was so prolonged, we didn't really experience it at all this year? It's my favorite season! Now it's 45 degrees here, and snowing - FPS! Whining complete, back to the car. We got it yesterday! I love it! Truly, I do. Even though they will make plenty of money on my trade-in. I love driving a manual car, and I forget how much I love it until I'm driving one again. Lucky for me, we live in a very rural setting, otherwise, well, I might be converted to an automatic I'm afraid to admit. Then again, maybe not.
And my photography skills of the car pic are excellent - you can see the snow on the camera lens - YIKES! Oh well, I can't be artsy with everything, now can I? The car stats - Mazda 6, 5-speed. I can't remember the exact color name (apparently, it's not yarn, or I would have the color memorized). Ok, enough about the car.....

Sweater progress - I'm on the final rows at the bottom before I bind off. I started this sweater last week, and it has been a fast knit. I'll put the yarn and details in when I finish it. I'll need to add sleeves (my least favorite part), and then the neck band. Again, I might add some backstitch design to add some visual interest (or not). Christmas and birthdays loom near. And my Dad just put in an order for a burgundy/maroon scarf. Last night. Hmmm...Now, this is my Dad, and I'm his only DD - so you know that I'll be trying to do this for him. His birthday is December 20th, and well, you know how many days from then until Christmas. I have to buy yarn for this scarf - can you imagine? I don't have anything suitable for this! A trip to my LYS will be in order. There's always a plausible excuse, is there not?

PS - I got a sock club shipment from Woolgirl - will post that in the future, and also, I got a "Click and Ship" notification from Yarn Pirate. Booty Club. I think that name is SO hilarious! :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's Over!

The work week is finally over! YEAH! I survived it. I handed in my resignation, and of course accepted the new job. Reverse order, but you get the idea. This will be my first change in five years. It's a little hard leaving my friends at my current job. I'm also moving from a supervisor/management job to being a "worker-bee" of sorts. And that's ok, because there is still a lot of independence with the new job!
To cap the week off (no pun intended), I chipped a tooth on Thursday night. One of the front ones...Uh huh - that's right. Now you really couldn't see much, but half of the back part of the tooth was missing. I was afraid I would have lost the rest of the tooth, but less than 1/2 hour in the dentist chair yesterday fixed it right up. Thank heavens. I may live in small town, PA, but I don't want to look as if I do! When I first moved back to the area following college, my insurance agent, ever the sarcastic person that she is stated, "Good luck finding a man with a full set of teeth!" Ha ha! I actually wasn't looking for a man at the time, and was in no mood, but I did find my DH - and really, he has a full set of teeth and is just great! :) PS - I wasn't even doing anything fun, like eating candy when I chipped the tooth. AND I visit the dentist regularly every 6 months for my routine check-up and cleanings! YIKES!
Oh - BTW - the dealership called, they FOUND more money - can you believe it, Yeah, well I can - silly boys (we don't use the word, "stupid" in my house, but if we would, it definitely applies here). They wasted more of my gas and time. But, I'm picking up my new car today.....goodbye domestic, and hello MAZDA (again)! Hello 5-speed - I love standard! It's terrible to say, but I love buying American made products, just not from the auto industry. We'll leave it at that.

On the knitting front - because I should talk about that, shoudn't I? A bit of progress on the first sock for my mom, really doing well on the second sweater for my nephew. Anxious to cast on the socks for my aunt - it's Shibui Knits, and I've never knit with that yarn before, and it's a lovely color of aqua (I have two skeins of it myself, if it doesn't become a chevron scarf). Lastly, I received a skein of Wollmeise this week (yes, just one, because I have totally got to stop buying yarn for awhile). It's in the much coveted color - Spice Market. I love it! Maybe after Christmas I'll knit with it FPS! :)
Off to Christmas Play practice and some shopping. Laundry a bit today, and all the cleaning is done - so more time for knittng! :)
PS - after Christmas, I'm looking forward to knitting some socks for me!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Post, New Job, One FO!

New Post...two in one week. Aren't you amazed? I am. But lately it doesn't take a lot to astonish me. It's been quite a week so far, and it's only Wednesday.
First off, I almost bought a car last night, but wasted precious time and gas (Hello, it's $3.09/gallon here)to deal with lying salesmen who don't do their homework. Believe me, I do mine. I like to think I'm a bit of a haggler (and I can crunch numbers better than most people). I whip out my own calculator in these circumstances. I'm sure I'm not fooling anyone, but I feel better! I hate buying cars, and I need to get a more fuel economic car.....and I secretly want my 5 speed back......because - I GOT A NEW JOB! Can you tell that I'm excited! They finally called to confirm yesterday, and in January I'll be starting a new job. I'm both nervous and excited. Change is change you know! I gave them my unofficial notice yesterday, and I'm handing in the written one today. It is with mixed emotion that I do this, but I know that I need to make a change.

On the knitting news front, One sweater for my darling niece is now a FO (except to weave in the ends). I may, if time permits, backstitch some flowers on the front to add visual interest. It's a super easy pattern, and I knit this in the 2-4 size. I think it will be a little big for her, but the gauge is correct. I'm knitting one like it for her brother - it's on the needles now, and it's navy blue. Her younger sister gets a smaller version in Victorian Pink. It is not on the needles.

Yesterday, the Yarn Harlot just had to mention that there were only 43 knitting days 'til Christmas! That means 42 today! AGH! Do we need more pressure? I am collecting other gifts to give, just in case. But I do like Dorie recommends in "Nemo" - "Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting...." Actually, she was swimming, but you get the picture! :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shamefully Neglectful

Yes, it's been almost a whole week since I've posted! Life gets in the way sometimes....I'm embarrassed, shamed, ok....not really that upset. Sorry!

Knitting has been happening, and so have parent-teacher conferences (all good - thank heavens)...the start of winter sports for my eldest DD....WORK.....the end of fall sports for the youngest DD....Bible study groups for the kids.....WORK......Knitting (trying desparately to get this Christmas knitting under control).....WORK.....Sleep.....laundry.....more WORK.

The big project today was to get the stash under control - it was taking over my living room. Happily, I can say, that all my stash is under control now (well, it's at least organized). Here's a picture of some of the bins (you really didn't expect me to show you all the bins, did you?), and my new Dansko Mary Janes. I love, love, love, them! Back to the storage/organization project. I even have my Christmas projects all in a little bin to keep me inspired (actually, to add pressure - who am I kidding). And I gave three bags of yarn to my mom tonight. Destash - what a beautiful word!

Speaking of my mom - she made this gorgeous shawl for my grandmother for her birthday....I'm taking a photo of it to post here someday. It's absolutely beautiful. My mother is an awesome crochet queen. She rocks! I'm thinking I'm going to crochet one too! Obviously, not until after Christmas. I know, it's like moving to the dark side, me wanting to crochet, but will it help if I say that I still love knitting more? Does that mean redemption, maybe even a little bit? But all preferences aside, I still have to admit, she whipped this thing out in less than a week, people! That's the great thing about crocheting - it's quick! Maybe it's because I've been crocheting since I've been little. Knitting for really less than 2 years.

Lastly, because you know my thoughts on posts with pictures in them, a shot of of the bins with my newest purse on top (they are pretty small bins you know, not the huge ones at Walmart, but the $4.96 ones - just giving you perspective, not in any way trying to assuage my yarn guilt). Notice I haven't used this purse yet. Too busy organizing (sounds better than cleaning) to switch from my latest one......

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Awww....Sometimes they just make you right proud!

You know, sometimes it just warms your heart to think that you just might, once in awhile, be getting the whole parenting thing right. Tonight, my oldest, DD came home from her visit with her dad, and she had brought me two scented hand soaps (pump version), in scents that she picked out personally for me. You know, for little old me! The scents - PB & J, and Creme Brulee! Very thoughtful! You can find them here. I asked her why she brought them home, and where she got them (see therapy sessions below - the inquisition method applied here).....well, it seems as though her step-mother had a home party, and she bought them there to cheer me up, because she knew I was sad about my friend with cancer! AWWWWWW....shucks. She made me tear up, and stuff.
Most times, I'm wondering how many years of therapy I'll be paying for (for them), trying to raise my children. I'm an average mom of sorts, but sometimes, you know, we all make mistates. I probably make more than my fair share, but I must be doing something right - huh? The most important thing, is that I love them so very dearly. They are my rays of sunshine!

Ok - totally off the subject, and just because every post is better with a snap in it, here's a pretty picture of a farm in our area. Photo credits to my DH!

PS - knitting progress is just that - in progress. I am slowly finishing the sweater for my eldest niece. Only two more child-sized sweaters, three pair of socks, one pair fingerless mitts, a scarf, and socks for my DH, if I can work them in. Did I mention maybe a hat or two? Do you think I might be able to sleep between now and Christmas?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Some Knitting Pictures at Long Last!

Posts have been a bit sparse this week, with the federal review happening on the work front. It was terribly grueling, and not much knitting was done this week because of it. I would get home from work after at least 10 hour days of defending why our program is spectacular, how we do have systems in place, yada, yada.....and look at my husband. He would take one look at me, and tell me to go relax. He was deftly making steak-ums, chicken nuggets, and ham and cheese sandwiches, night after night. He even threw in some lima beans to add something nutritious! :) Seriously, he was wonderful. On Tuesday night, I just came home, climbed in my PJ's and went upstairs. He handled the kids so well! I am blessed! Last night, I had to summon the energy to trick or treat. I threw on a witches cap (purchased for 44 cents), a black sweater (not knit by me), and my black overcoat, and away we went. Chase Utley, Wonder Woman, and Me. DH was the official chauffeur. Tons of calories later, we arrived home, and sadly enough, just went to bed! I still love to do this with my children, and even though I was tired,we had a good time! :)

Just a little shout out to my youngest nephew in Pittsburgh, who turned four years old yesterday. I miss you, and I'll see you in a couple of weeks! Love ya buddy! :)
Visit his Daddy's blog here.

Ok - back to knitting content. First up - The Bleeding Scarf. It's coming along nicely. I'm knitting on it every so often, and the pattern is very easy, SS with a shifting purl stitch every 5 knit stitches on RS rows, and it alternates with WS purl rows. It's mindless, and the recipient wanted something that was rather flat. The yarn is Lobster Pot yarns, purchased at Woolgirl. I think this pattern really shows off the hand-dyed yarn! Too bad the stuff lingers on my hands. Still could use some advice about that. Any takers?

Next up - the first sock for my mom! She's already picked out the colors and pattern, so the sock is no surprise to her. I really haven't spent that much time knitting this thing, as evidenced by its length. But, it knits up pretty fast. I have two more repeats of the lace pattern before I start the heel, and everyone knows that socks seem to fly faster after that heel turn is complete! Magic every time! I mean it! The yarn is one of my favorites - Fiesta Boomerang in the Glacier Mist colorway. YUM!

Tomorrow night, I'm going to sleep over to take care of my very dear friend who has cancer. I'm giving her DH a break, so that he can have a restful night (at least I hope). I'm wearing my new PJ's (pink with black puppies on them), and will curl up on their couch for the duration. PS - I'm taking my knitting!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The pressure is on......

I just realized (I like living in my constant state of denial) that Christmas is less than 2 months away! I was talking with my mother about our Thanksgiving plans tonight, and realized that Thanksgiving is really only about 30 days away (it's actually less, I know).
Time always seems to fly right after Thanksgiving, and before I know it, it's time for Christmas. Throw in a couple of relatives' birthdays, and we're practically Holly Jolly now.
You know where this is leading don't you? The knitting plan for gifts!
There are three sweaters to knit for my youngest brother's children (one is on the needles and about 50% done). The other two are still figments of my imagination. Luckily, they are young tots, and so small sweaters are the order of the day.
My mom's birthday is in December - her socks are on the needles as well.
My daughters have requested socks - they are debating....Harry Potter or camouflage - I do have daughters right? They sometimes act like boys.....camouflage? Yeah, well....
My favorite aunt has also purchased sock yarn for me to knit, and also a fabulous skein of Mountain Colors to be knit into fingerless gloves.....Hello! - second time around with Maine Morning Mitts....(we won't talk about the screw up on the thumbs that I did on the last pair. But, just curious, did you know that if you knit counter clockwise, in the round, you get what you knit - if you knit a stitch, you get a a knit stitch (garter stitch). If you knit a purl stitch, you get a purl stitch.....are you getting what happened to me? Can you tell I'm a magic loop kind of gal, and did these on DPN's? Yeah well, learned my lesson. At least I hope). I did really love this pattern, but I can see that I will need to gather some help with the thumbs to be sure I don't screw up the next pair.
And lastly there's this scarf that I started - with this yarn.
Now, I've used a lot of hand-dyed yarn in the past, but have never had it bleed or turn things (like my needles) different colors. My fingers turn pink while knitting, and my bamboo needles look like they might be small harpoons for Red Lobster - help? Anyone know of a cure? I've already got quite a bit done on this scarf, and it's 60 stitches wide on US #6 needles. It's beautiful yarn, but jeez, I hate to knit something afterwards if I put a couple of rows on this every night (which is what I'm doing to keep the interest sparked). I'm afraid all of my knitting will become Lobsterish.....does this in any way relate to Rose-tinted glasses? "Yes, that's right. I really couldn't give you my definite opinion on that issue, Sir, because, you see, I view the world through Lobster colored needles."

Ok - enough of this post. Exhaustion and Holiday pressure doesn't mix. Especially when there aren't pictures involved for your enjoyment. Any comments on the bleeding yarn would be appreciated! Have a great week! I know I will....the Federal Government is doing their once every 3-year audit this week at work! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beads Ahead!

To redeem myself a bit, I thought I should show the jewelry set that I did last week while on my lazy vacation! It took about 2 hours start to finish, because I'm so dang fussy about some things - you can ask the people who were there with me. I'm a perfectionist, and sometimes that's a good thing, but well, sometimes it's not...ahem.
Photo credits to Reenie! :) I hope that you are enjoying the set!

BTW - I might have fallen down the Fratello hole...........

Monday, October 22, 2007

Some Loot! YP Spoiler Alert!

Here's pictures of some packages that I received while away on vacation. First up...the first installment of my subscription to Yarn Pirate's Booty Club. It had a bumper sticker as well as a YP pin. Two sets of circular needles, US sizes #1 and #2. And last, but not least, some YP yarn in the color "Killer Bees." Now, these are definitely not colors that I have knit with, ever. So, I'm thinkin' that this yarn is definitely going to stretch my color palette. But that's the beauty of a sock club. I love YP's yarn, and I'm excited to try the needles - don't get me wrong. I'm also a HUGE fan of Addi Turbo magic loop needles. So, I'm wondering how I will like these! I believe they are 24" circs to use for magic loop knitting. I'll let you know! I love magic loop!

Next up, my prize from the contest over at Chicken Knits (for some reason, neither my links or pictures are not working well in Blogger - anyone else having this problem?) Help! When I link to Chicken Knits, it's all this text in my blog post! Not the neat little link that shows up for you all to read. Is this happening to anyone else? AGH! This is what is showing up with my pictures too - no pictures to preview in the post, but just all this text. When I hit "preview," it all goes away, and the correct things are there. It's probably something with HTML, and I'm totally computer illiterate to even try to fix anything like that. I blame it on the fact that I posted ONE POST from a MAC! AGH! Hi Adie! I don't like MAC! Moving on....
My prize loot contains a skein of the great STR in LUCY in lightweight, some wonderful smelling soap, and YUMMY gummy bears (I'm having to hide these from my children). No, seriously, I will share them! Thanks Chicken Knits! You are very generous! :) I'm going to cook up a contest of my own, you know, pay it forward.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Long Overdue Post

Freshly back from vacation, or not so freshly, after a 13 hour drive....and a headache, and a semi-early start this am. Let's just make this post about pictures (which could take forever, as here in dial-up land, one snap takes 15 minutes to upload to the post. Never mind that you could accidently delete it at times before it is saved. What idiot would do that, you ask? Well, apparently, this one).

There wasn't much knitting for a whole week away from job and even my family, and I'm very disappointed in myself. I think I might get more knitting done with my regular schedule at home. We had other adventures though, and they were just as fun and relaxing.

First up - Jungle socks for my eldest daughter. They are only slightly overdue....UGH! A simple K3, P1 rib, and normal heel flap, etc. Done in Claudia Handpaints in the "Jungle" colorway. She loves them! :)

Next up - Maine Morning Mitts - from Clara P. at Knitter's Review. These are a really quick knit...even though I have to add the thumb yet. The thumb is very short (only 4-5 rows, I believe). It's knit in Noro Kureyon, on size US 7's. Fast stuff, I tell you! :)

Next post - all about the packages I received while gone, and some shopping aquisitions.....

Lastly, whilst I was away, God decided it was time to paint the ridge view from our backyard....paradise!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Vacation Post!

A post from vacation. No pics, as I didn't bring my own camera. My aunt has a great camera, so I didn't feel the need. Now I just need to plead with her to take some pics of my knitting. She promises to do so after her morning ritual. She works evenings, so our mornings are later here, and I love it! It's an all girls week, and we are having a blast! Lots of laughing, giggling, eating, drinking, shopping, some knitting, reading, and yesterday a bead show. Today is PJ day, and I can't believe I'm still in mine! I never do this, but it feels wonderful.
On the knitting front, the green socks from two post ago, yeah well, they didn't quite get finished before I left. My DD didn't have them on her pillow, but they did get finished on the driving trip here. I was going to mail them to her, but figured I wanted to give them to her in person. She sent the coolest e-mail to my aunt. It said that all she wanted from me (because I asked her what I should bring back for her as a treat) was a cool t-shirt and for me to come back safely. AWWWW......
I'm saving this e-mail, so that when she starts the usual teenager stuff, I can read and remember! Love ya honey! Are you reading Mama's blog while I'm away? I hope so! :)
I also cast on for Maine Morning Mitts from Clara P's Knitter's Review last week. Pattern is free, and if I weren't working on a MAC (little bit lost here), I would link you to the PDF, but not quite sure how to work the whole MAC thing. I'm using Noro Kureyon. Don't ask what the color number is either on the Noro, because after's PJ day, and the wrapper is in another room, and I don't feel like getting off my tush! Happy vacation to me!

PS - I got money back from my last Wollmeise order - apparently I don't have to pay the tax! WAHOO!! Love you Wollmeise! Maybe I'll skein and cast on today. It's on my list.......if lists are allowed on vacation.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I won! And Some Random Rambling

I was going to title this post, "I'm a winner." But that seemed a little egotistical. Usually, I'm not a winner, but for some reason, I'm a winner today. Are you wondering what I won yet? Have I piqued your curiosity at all? Is your cat still alive? 'Cause you know, curiosity killed the cat - isn't that right, Mom? And maybe you're even wondering how I won the prize? Ok - enough suspense - if you can even call it that. Well, Chicken Knits had a little contest to name her cute little pig, and I entered the name, "Wilson", and she chose it for his middle name. For my valiant effort, I win some yarn! WAHOO! I can hardly wait! I never win anything (notice I'm avoiding the statement, "I'm a big loser!")! When I get back from vacation, maybe I'll have me a blog contest for myself. My brother is shamelessly begging for comments on his blog. Love ya buddy! I try to tell him that just because people don't comment, doesn't mean that they don't read your blog. Heaven knows that I don' t get a lot of comments, but I'm starting to meet some cool people who love knitting as much as I do. That's a cool thing! So if you're in a friendly way, go on over and visit him here. Don't forget to leave a nice comment! He's a pastor, you know. So now leaving a comment that you went the the LYS with your DH for SEX, (even though we know that means you went to your LOCAL YARN STORE with your DARLING HUSBAND for a STASH ENHANCING EXPEDITION) might send him over the edge! Geesh!

Oh, and guess what else I got in the mail today - Wollmeise! I just love it! I got the
Rhabarber in medium.
Raku-Regenbogen in dark.
Granaptefel in medium.
Farn in medium.

It is all fabulous - thanks, Claudia! But I especially love the Raku-Regebogen. It is fabulous, and even more so than the Spice Market that I was wanting. Yes, sometime I will still order the Spice Market, but the Raku is a great color - very "fallish." I'm never disappointed with her yarn or her colors. My photography skills - yes! There's never any great light here, and to be honest, it was gray and damp all day yesterday! The Raku-Regenbogen is actually brown, orange, blue, and dk red. It's fab! It will be taking a vacation with me. See the other pic at the bottom!

And speaking of vacation, I'm off to pack! And then to carve some pumpkins with my pumpkins tonight! :) This is the fun part of being a Mom! And my DH is SO cute - he didn't think the pumpkins we had were big enough for our carving designs, so he went out looking for more! We got two more large pumpkins! What a sweetheart! I personally think that he loves carving them as much as they do! I'm blessed! :)

And also, a big shout-out to Meangirl, who oriented me to the LYS's and knitting groups in Nashville! Thanks again! Saturday morning - Nashville or bust!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Half and Half

Half a pair of socks, as evidenced by the first baby-cabled rib sock - finished! It's knit with STR in medium weight (although I must admit it really feels more like fingering weight to me), in the Pebbles colorway. I'm not sure what was/is wrong with me regarding these socks (well, the second one is not even on the needles yet)! I do like the pattern, very simple, but very slow going. I did knit a pretty long leg before beginning the heel. The heel and the heel turn always make my heart beat a little faster! I'm starting to hope that this pair of socks is not my downfall into the pit of SSS syndrome (Second sock syndrome). There are some muggles reading this, I'm sure. Don't be offended muggles - you can join the ranks anytime - just pick up some sticks....and for my lovely mother, your crochet hook will do! P.S. My MIL has skinny legs, so even though these look like they were knit for some disproportionate elf, they actually do fit a human foot (mine included, although they are a bit "long in the foot" for me - my MIL has slightly larger feet than me).

And the last pic - half of a finished sock (in the Jungle color from Claudia's Handpainted). Who wants to place bets that I can finish it before I leave for vacation on Saturday morning? I'd like to do that, and then put them on my daughter's pillow (with washing instructions too, as she'll just throw them in anywhere, on any setting, knowing her, even though it's superwash). If my Engligh teacher were reading, she would cringe at that last sentence. My DD reminded me last night that it's been at least 6 months since I started these socks. AGH!

Now, where's the half and half for my coffee? NOT - black all the way.....makes my thighs grow larger! :) Well,....... something has to be contributing! It couldn't be the chocolate!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

It's a Theme

Slowly but surely, I've been trying to finish things already on the needles. It's a daunting task, so don't worry, I'm not going totally crazy with the idea! There are still, I believe, 4 projects physically "on" the needles. One additional project, not on the needles. Shall I list them to keep me honest?
1. The Cotton Ease striped sweater for my youngest.....Cotton Ease and manual striping (no ends weaved in yet), need I say more? I'm still on the original back panel (sigh).
2. STR Pebbles baby cable rib socks with eye of partridge heel - honestly, I don't know what the problem is with these.....I think they will end up as part of my MIL's Christmas present - she's having foot surgery in early Nov, and won't be able to wear them before then anyway. And it's still 80 stinking degrees here! Who wears wool socks in 80 degree weather?

3. Top down sweater for my neice (I have do another 2 before Christmas - she has siblings). I know - I need to get my butt moving....most of the body is done. It's the sleeves that I'm trying to avoid....:(

4. A SSS issue. I knit an easy, green, 3x1 rib sock for my oldest daughter, and it's still waiting for its mate. What's up with that? I usually brag about never suffering from SSS syndrome. Well, it was the third sock that I ever knit, and I had already knit 3 socks total in this colorway - "Jungle" from Claudia's Handpainted Yarns. My youngest got the first pair ( by accident.....first socks - need I say more). Nothing is wrong with the yarn, but I was tiring of the color quickly. It's a really pretty color, but I'd had enough green.....

5. Chevron scarf - I'm taking this with me on vacation, and getting nicer needles so that I want to knit it. The wooden ones I have right now are horrid. I am usually a fan of wooden needles, but the yarn doesn't want to slide around on these particular needles like it should, and I get frustrated. UGH!

So my theme (of this post and of the coming week) is to finish some of these things, so that when I'm off next week, I can start new things - freshness! Renewal! Growth! :)

But for now, take a peak at my finished dishcloth shawl - A simple triangular shawl (I believe it's my first knitted one). With just a yo after the first two stitches of each row, and garter stitch the rest of the way. I had to knit it from two balls of yarn, since I didn't have enough in the hand dyed colorway with just one skein. So, I had to combine them to get the effect. They were two from two different dye lots. I absolutely love it, and its simplicity. Why you ask? Well, it was just pretty mindless knitting, and I worked on it at night (when it was cooler), and when I was watching TV. My life is stressful as it is, and this remained the perfect project to still keep knitting, but not sweating through a lace patern, etc. Unfortunately, it was knit in a thick (thicker than worsted) weight merino, so I was sometimes practically sweating (perspiring)trying to knit it in the summer heat. I think it will look fabulous with everything from denim (which of course is my favorite), to black pants. Now if the weather around here would just cooperate and act like the fall it's supposed to be.......well, I could actually use it!