Sunday, November 4, 2007

Awww....Sometimes they just make you right proud!

You know, sometimes it just warms your heart to think that you just might, once in awhile, be getting the whole parenting thing right. Tonight, my oldest, DD came home from her visit with her dad, and she had brought me two scented hand soaps (pump version), in scents that she picked out personally for me. You know, for little old me! The scents - PB & J, and Creme Brulee! Very thoughtful! You can find them here. I asked her why she brought them home, and where she got them (see therapy sessions below - the inquisition method applied here).....well, it seems as though her step-mother had a home party, and she bought them there to cheer me up, because she knew I was sad about my friend with cancer! AWWWWWW....shucks. She made me tear up, and stuff.
Most times, I'm wondering how many years of therapy I'll be paying for (for them), trying to raise my children. I'm an average mom of sorts, but sometimes, you know, we all make mistates. I probably make more than my fair share, but I must be doing something right - huh? The most important thing, is that I love them so very dearly. They are my rays of sunshine!

Ok - totally off the subject, and just because every post is better with a snap in it, here's a pretty picture of a farm in our area. Photo credits to my DH!

PS - knitting progress is just that - in progress. I am slowly finishing the sweater for my eldest niece. Only two more child-sized sweaters, three pair of socks, one pair fingerless mitts, a scarf, and socks for my DH, if I can work them in. Did I mention maybe a hat or two? Do you think I might be able to sleep between now and Christmas?


Wool Girl said...

Well, I know that I certainly did not get an instruction booklet when my daughter was born! :) It can sometimes be difficult with our children, can't it? Then they turn around and do something so amazing!

I think you are not going to be sleeping at all between now and Christmas!

peaknits said...

How sweet of your daughter - you can think of her thoughtfulness every time you lather up. PB & J - yum. Good job mom on instilling generosity and empathy - those are tricky ones - and wow, isn't parenting the toughest job? But so rewarding - um, when I can stop yelling that is:)