Thursday, November 1, 2007

Some Knitting Pictures at Long Last!

Posts have been a bit sparse this week, with the federal review happening on the work front. It was terribly grueling, and not much knitting was done this week because of it. I would get home from work after at least 10 hour days of defending why our program is spectacular, how we do have systems in place, yada, yada.....and look at my husband. He would take one look at me, and tell me to go relax. He was deftly making steak-ums, chicken nuggets, and ham and cheese sandwiches, night after night. He even threw in some lima beans to add something nutritious! :) Seriously, he was wonderful. On Tuesday night, I just came home, climbed in my PJ's and went upstairs. He handled the kids so well! I am blessed! Last night, I had to summon the energy to trick or treat. I threw on a witches cap (purchased for 44 cents), a black sweater (not knit by me), and my black overcoat, and away we went. Chase Utley, Wonder Woman, and Me. DH was the official chauffeur. Tons of calories later, we arrived home, and sadly enough, just went to bed! I still love to do this with my children, and even though I was tired,we had a good time! :)

Just a little shout out to my youngest nephew in Pittsburgh, who turned four years old yesterday. I miss you, and I'll see you in a couple of weeks! Love ya buddy! :)
Visit his Daddy's blog here.

Ok - back to knitting content. First up - The Bleeding Scarf. It's coming along nicely. I'm knitting on it every so often, and the pattern is very easy, SS with a shifting purl stitch every 5 knit stitches on RS rows, and it alternates with WS purl rows. It's mindless, and the recipient wanted something that was rather flat. The yarn is Lobster Pot yarns, purchased at Woolgirl. I think this pattern really shows off the hand-dyed yarn! Too bad the stuff lingers on my hands. Still could use some advice about that. Any takers?

Next up - the first sock for my mom! She's already picked out the colors and pattern, so the sock is no surprise to her. I really haven't spent that much time knitting this thing, as evidenced by its length. But, it knits up pretty fast. I have two more repeats of the lace pattern before I start the heel, and everyone knows that socks seem to fly faster after that heel turn is complete! Magic every time! I mean it! The yarn is one of my favorites - Fiesta Boomerang in the Glacier Mist colorway. YUM!

Tomorrow night, I'm going to sleep over to take care of my very dear friend who has cancer. I'm giving her DH a break, so that he can have a restful night (at least I hope). I'm wearing my new PJ's (pink with black puppies on them), and will curl up on their couch for the duration. PS - I'm taking my knitting!

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peaknits said...

Good luck surviving the rest of that federal stuff - or getting some rest now that it might be done? Love that Lobster Pot yarn - yuumy! Take good care of your friend, enjoy your "jammie time" together!