Friday, October 10, 2008

The End of The Week

Thank you for Friday (this week)....
Here's what happened today:
1) My patient load was significantly reduced. I'm talking I only had to work 3 hours today. Wonderful! What a nice break. I decided to do some shopping at the new shopping complex that has sprouted in our area. Ok, it's really 35 minutes away from me, but so is the nearest grocery store of any significance.
2) The new complex, or "Market Place", as it is referred to, has a Target, among other stores. I am not a big Target shopper, namely because there simply are not stores in our area. But today, I became a Target shopper. I did manage to pick up some needed things (I'm the snack mom this weekend for both soccer snacks and juice abound, as do 7.58 lbs of bananas). I also found some things we didn't need - leave it to me to continue shopping in poor economic times, for the girls. I bought Christmas outfits, and the CUTEST red pea coat for my youngest! It's fabulous, and I'm sure a hug will await me when she lays eyes on it! The girls are also recipients of some cute Halloween tee-shirts!

3) Said Target has a STARBUCKS. I know, most of you aren't impressed, but would you be if I told you the nearest Starbucks is 1.5 hours away? Yes, I had my caramel macchiato today. YUM!
4) I stopped briefly at the "real" mall, and purchased my Estee Lauder make-up and some White Linen powder for my Nana, who celebrated her 84th birthday last weekend! You Rock, Nana! Happy Birthday! I got a free gift from Estee Lauder (OK, it's not free - have you seen the cost of that make-up? But it's the best brand for my skin)!

5) I arrived home to unload the car, and I received a package of the most coveted yarn in the mail in a swap from a fellow Raveler. I have been yearning for this yarn for months. Here it is in all its glory! It's Wollmeise sock yarn - 100% superwash, in the Flower Power Colorway. I'm not sure why this color speaks to me. It's not my usual colors at all. But every time I look at this skein of yarn, I smile. I'm not sure yet what it's destined to be. I'm thinking something other than socks....have any suggestions or ideas? Drop them in the comments section.

6) I started another fingering weight scarf for my other SIL for Christmas. Don't ask. This is knit with the Noro sock yarn. I'll report on it more as it advances in length. I love the colors of Noro (and I love the Knit Picks Harmony needles). Smooth and nice and stabby, without hurting my hands! Not loving the yarn so much.

7) Lastly, this is the view from my backyard. How about that? God has His paintbrush out these days....isn't it the most beautiful canvas!

How was your Friday?

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Day In the Life

Yesterday was my day off work. It was a delicious sort of day. I slept (well, I combed hair, rearranged outfits, handed out $5 in my half-awakened state) until 8:30 am! It was amazing. I took a nice, long, uninterrupted shower, and then made a cup of Starbucks and did my errands. The countryside here in PA is slowing becoming a beautiful canvas of autumn hues. The afternoon brought a nice little nap, after viewing the end of "The Holiday." I even went to the gym to work out after supper!
In all the glory that was yesterday, this weekend belongs to work, as I'm totally trying to become one with the beeper yet again. I keep telling myself that this is the last complete on-call weekend until January, but it's still unnerving.

To take my mind off the unsettling feeling of the beeper on my hip, I finished one sock on my "to-do" list! I'm not sure what to name this pattern. Here's the silly story. I knit myself a pair of socks in this same pattern last year, but I goofed whilst knitting said pattern. The end result came out completely different than the original pattern. But I liked the result (and didn't want to tink back that far), so I kept on knitting. Well, our good family friend saw said pair of socks, and asked for a pair of her own. Sadly, her request was made a YEAR ago. YIKES! So,'s the first singleton of your pair of socks. I've yet to come up with any names. It's basically a spin-off of a 3x1 rib pattern. Any suggestions? I'm not selling the pattern or anything. I have no delusions about my creativity with knitting or lack there of!
Anyway, it just felt good to finish it tonight. I wove in the ends, and now I just need to create another one! The yarn is Lorna's Lace's Sport in the Sand Ridge colorway. To break up the monotony of knitting the second one right away....I might try a new fingerless mitt pattern, but then again, maybe not! I'm too afraid of inviting SSS! Okay, muggles - translations shall abound - SSS = Second Sock Syndrome! It is a curious disease which plagues knitters across the globe. It seems that knitting one sock sometimes cures the knitter of the desire to knit another one just like it. New methods of knitting socks have been invented as cures for this mysterious syndrome. But, alas, it is still prevalent in many knitting households.
So, in closing.....Happy Weekend! I'll be cheering for Tuesday (which is my next day off work)!
PS - No, Reenie doesn't have giant feet, my sock blockers are just small!