Sunday, November 6, 2011

When You're Not Looking

Life happens whether you're looking or not.....
This late summer we enjoyed some grapes at a local winery....the girls just wouldn't stomp them though, no matter how much we encouraged them to do so....
They did settle for posing for this picture with me (they still like me enough to do that, thankfully).

We had some unexpected things happen.....Some pleasant and beautiful.

Some, while not unexpected, brought complications that were. Thankfully, we're closing the whole premature birth chapter in our lives, with this closure of the feeding tube fistula, post-operative infection, and fainting episodes when little girls are cleared too early for regular activities.....

I've had time to knit, and it has been a simple pleasure that's provided much comfort during these crazy and uncertain times.
Summer Wind

Guernsey Wrap

All the Water

Turn A Square

Yarntini Hat

Sugared Violets

All project details can be found here.

No matter the journey, it's always evolving, changing. Sometimes so quickly, we can't keep pace.
It's then that we need to slow our hearts and minds, take a deep breath, and close our eyes.
It's all under control. Even when we're not looking......