Monday, April 27, 2009


It sounds as though this post might be the title for a new heavy metal song and considering that I've been listening to Seether lately, anything is possible. Seether is more up my hubby's alley, but lately I like listening to heavy metal at times. Other times, you will find me driving down the road with NPR playing. I'm nothing if not eclectic.
Contrary to this post, I have been knitting, and reading about knitting. I do read your blogs, and my latest magazines and books.
But we can talk about that later....

Here's my latest finish, which really isn't anything great, but it's an FO!
Lettuce Knit Socks
STR Medium Weight (in the Lettuce Knit Colorway)
Garter Stitch Rib (nice and mindless)
Needle size #2 (2.75mm)
Made for me, size 7 feet.
I hope it's cool enough to wear them at Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend.

Maryland Sheep and Wool - can it be that time of year already? :) It certainly is! I can't wait! I have a long weekend off from work - 4 days in a row. I have not had this much time off of work since last fall. My mom and I are traveling to Maryland on Friday night, and coming home Sunday afternoon. I'm taking Monday off of work to recover, and hang out around the house. It's in some desperate need of attention!

In other news.....look for another post this week. I've finished the FLS - I just need to weave in ends, sew on the buttons, and I'm finished, finished, finished!

Don't mind my weeds.....I'm not a gardener, and neither do I aspire to be one. There's just not enough time in the day, and I do enjoy my sleep!
Have a great week!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Four Square and One Month Ago....

Four square and one month ago, this knit blogger brought forth her work on a Log Cabin blanket, made out of Noro Kureyon. Its initial progress was stalled, due to many circumstances, the least of which, being the dead of summer heat. I took this project out of hibernation after reading Morticcia's blog post about her log cabin project, about a month ago. I promptly knit four more squares on mine, and it has again been placed in hibernation, probably until this summer! HA!

I know that many of you are waiting to hear about our fabulous trip to Florida! Sadly, no pictures yet, as DH took them all, and he has yet to download them to the computer. He has given us actual prints though, which doesn't help those of you in cyberland who don't get to see me in person. Please know this. If you are thinking about a new charity to donate your time or money to, consider the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It was a truly fabulous trip, and one we will never forget. Starting with a limo ride (over 3 hours long) to the Philadelphia airport, fabulous accommodations (spa/resort right on the beach in Clearwater), and first rate treatment at the ball park (picture of Cole Hamels), including seeing my daughter throw out the first pitch of the game. We were all truly excited and exhausted, as I had worked the five days preceding the trip, and the five days after the trip, including overtime, and on-call hours. It was insane. I still feel tired!

My next "little" trip is of course, Maryland Sheep and Wool - always the first full weekend in May. Mom and I have our hotel room booked, and I'm stoked (there's an 80's word for all of you). I have taken a long weekend from work (4 days off in a row - a real treat). I'm completely looking forward to some time away, and some time with my mom and other fiber fanatics!

PS - I hope to have the FLS ready to go for this event - one more sleeve! :) It seems to fit (the sweater), if not a smidge big. But, and I'll admit this now.....I'm knitting with sport-wt yarn, and my gauge was a tad bit off. So I did what every smart knitter does (ignored gauge and knit the larger size). Someday I might grow up to be a reponsible knitter. For now, ignorance is bliss.

What have you been knitting this past month?