Monday, August 25, 2008

Truly Blessed

How many days, let alone MONDAYS, end with something like this?

A beautiful package from Morticcia sent to thank us for our visit to their home a couple of weeks ago! Imagine - a gift from the hostess! Generosity indeed! Included in this lovely package (that took me all of 10 seconds to tear open - hey, it was packing tape) are two skeins of squishy Felici yarn for making the most cheerful socks, a lovely 40" circular needle (Harmony wood), a beautiful butterfly stitch marker, and some chocolate covered cranberries! Morticcia, your generosity is unsurpassed! I was admiring her Harmony needles during our visit, and she sent me a set! You know the best part? She's the kind of person who listens, I mean really listens to you when you talk, because these needles are the exact length that I always knit with (40" circs) to do magic loop! Kindness itself, I daresay! Thank you so much, Morticcia! What a lovely and unexpected surprise! :)

Lastly, I have to tell someone, but I certainly don't want to ruin anyone's day...Oh, what the hey, I WON the lottery for the Wollmeise sock club! I could scarce believe the paypal invoice sitting there in my e-mail message box. But there it was, and it's paid. I'm blessed twice, well, actually more than that today. It was a tough day, patient-wise, and tomorrow looks pretty tough as well, with many miles to travel, and many sick people to visit....but with friends like you supporting and cheering me on...well, it makes living in this crazy world a lot better! My English teacher is seething now, because I think I created the longest run on sentence in the history of blogging....

A special shout out to my daughters was their first day back to school. As I kissed them this morning, I felt a surge of pride at how far we've come, and how much they've grown. They make me proud to be their Mama. All day today, I said prayers for their safety. It's scary sending your children out into that big world.

PS - some actual knitting in the next post, I promise!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Interrupt This Blog....

Attention Please!
We interrupt this blog to let you know that the author is thoroughly consumed with viewing the 2008 Summer Olympics (and her job), and the fact that she now has a 16 year old daughter (whose test results from Boston are sending them to yet another pediatric specialist)! She continues to knit (not as part of Ravelry Olympics) various projects, so do not fear. She has frogged and restarted the worsted weight sweater once now, and hopes this time it will fit a bit better. She even knit a swatch for said sweater, and had appropriate gauge. Her advice - BE A REBEL! This was the first time she knit a gauge swatch. She's done with the swatching for now. She thinks it's time to start knitting some more difficult socks. She continues to make good progress on the log cabin blocks, having over 12 completed out of 20.

Perhaps when she reveals some photos of the various knitting projects in the future, she will refer to herself in the first person, and all will be well again in her world.

Until then.....well, knit on! Keep posting on your blogs.....she's reading, albeit with one eye open, the other shut to try and catch up on some sleep!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Priceless vs Insanity

It is shameful how I've neglected all of you, and this blog. What can I say? Well, let's fashion this like the mastercard commercial. Play along, won't you?
Live performances of "Sandbag, Stage Left, or One Dead Dolly" on 8/1/08 and 8/2/08. $5/ticket, but hours spent rehearsing and blocking, and acting. I met new people. I extended my horizons. But one day before our trip to Boston. It just should have been at a very different part of the year. It's been over 20 years since I've been on stage - that's a long time! INSANITY!
Trip to Boston, MA on 8/3/08 for my DD#1's annual check-up at Boston Children's Hospital - I was blessed to visit with Morticcia at Chez Yarn. She was every bit the gracious hostess. Her home was an oasis of comfort in a strange city. The best part was surprising her with some Wollmeise! I think it was more joyful for me to give it to her, than for her to receive it! Thank you, Morticcia from the bottom of my heart. It was wonderful to meet you in person, and your warmth and hospitality will never be forgotten! This category is priceless!
Visiting Fenway park with your DD #1, who is an AVID baseball fan, and watching her regurgitate her breakfast in the press box during the $40 tour. Hmmmm....she was a bit nervous about the ensuing MRI and blood work, so we rested for most of the day afterwards. many people puke in a press box at the oldest baseball park in the country? Right, not too many....priceless indeed. Poor kid!
A good report from your DD#1's doctor. Priceless indeed.
Arriving home to a day off where I did absolutely nothing, but unpack. No laundry, no nothing (Ok, I did exercise and knit). Priceless.
Arriving back to work with a schedule that indeed locks in my job security....priceless in today's economy! Terribly tiring when I start at 6:50 am.
Knitting a heavy worsted weight sweater (Brown Sheep's Lanaloft) in the middle of summer - INSANITY.....but fun!

What's priceless or insane in your life right now?