Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Interrupt This Blog....

Attention Please!
We interrupt this blog to let you know that the author is thoroughly consumed with viewing the 2008 Summer Olympics (and her job), and the fact that she now has a 16 year old daughter (whose test results from Boston are sending them to yet another pediatric specialist)! She continues to knit (not as part of Ravelry Olympics) various projects, so do not fear. She has frogged and restarted the worsted weight sweater once now, and hopes this time it will fit a bit better. She even knit a swatch for said sweater, and had appropriate gauge. Her advice - BE A REBEL! This was the first time she knit a gauge swatch. She's done with the swatching for now. She thinks it's time to start knitting some more difficult socks. She continues to make good progress on the log cabin blocks, having over 12 completed out of 20.

Perhaps when she reveals some photos of the various knitting projects in the future, she will refer to herself in the first person, and all will be well again in her world.

Until then.....well, knit on! Keep posting on your blogs.....she's reading, albeit with one eye open, the other shut to try and catch up on some sleep!


Nell said...

I know! The Olympics have totally taken over my life. It's crazy! I LOVE them but I'm getting to overload.

Kay said...

I'm totally addicted to the Olympics also and it seems all the good stuff doesn't even start till 11 p.m. I'm so glad they only last 2 weeks. I plan to get motivated to do something soon!

nejyerf said...

i can't fully believe you have a 16 yr old child.

wasn't is just yesterday we were sixteen and in the school musical?!?

Morticcia said...

As you all have been watching the Olympics, I have begun to troll the innernets and have purchased up all the yarn everywhere. So none for you! Just kidding...almost.

Give my birthday greetings to Lauren for me!