Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mumbo Jumbo

My brain feels a bit mushy lately, so hang in there for a thoroughly scattered post.

Another hat for my friend who has breast cancer. She and I graduated from high school together. She makes me smile every time I visit her, and her courage is inspiring. Breast cancer is such a scary disease. I find myself thinking more about my own mortality lately. My friend blesses me each time I visit with her. She sent me a message on facebook this weekend saying that she'd shrunk the first hat (I think she forgot it was wool) I made for her. I'm happy to knit my friend hats, as she has lost her hair at this point. So, I knit her two more.
This is the first one I delivered on Saturday night. It's a Honey Hat, which is really a child's hat by Hannah Fetig (Knitbot). I just made it larger by increasing the pattern by two repeats. Ta Da - adult hat, but modeled here by a willing youngster. I used Inca Alpaca to knit this. I figured it would be soft against her head. I gave her some Soak to use to wash the hat, and told her that I would demo wool care for her next time.

Now, I'm onto knitting with some lovely handspun yarn from Plied Together, a great little Etsy shop that I found from fellow blogger/Raveler, Zonda. I'm officially spoiled rotten, and love knitting with this handspun. I may be ruined for commercial yarn forever (not quite, but it's tempting). The only problem with handspun yarn? Expensive. But a little treat now and then never hurt a girl!