Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wii, Wii, Wii, All The Way Home

A pictureless post. I know. I detest them too. But the problem is this: Santa brought us a Wii (albeit, we're just a year late), and nobody seems to want to do or talk about anything else. My oldest got the Guitar Hero, World Tour. Need I say more? My youngest is smokin' me on tennis serves. My body aches, and I wake up each morning singing at the top of my lungs. My husband claims to the people still talking to us, that his wife has gone to the dark side (as he begs me to play "No Sleep 'Til Brooklynn" again).
Why or why didn't somebody warn us? :) PS - my nephews got the PS version of Guitar Hero, Legends of Rock, and we played that all Christmas afternoon. My SIL reported to my DH that I didn't nap on Christmas afternoon, not one wink. This is a Christmas miracle of sorts. No nap at all! YIKES!

On a serious note (not a musical one), I hope that everyone had a blessed Christmas! I'll post knitting contect shortly. Blogging has been the least of my priorities (as you can tell), and I need to catch up. I did gift a lovely baby sweater to my youngest neice. I took a picture of it with my eldest daughter's new camera. She promptly deleted said picture, but I think I'll make that pattern again. It was a Victorian Baby Tee. Maybe my SIL will post a picture of her wearing it!
Happy Christmas (just a few days late)!