Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Over Half of the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow socks.....a pattern and yarn from the Woolgirl Wizard of Oz sock club. Her kits and sock clubs are amazing!
Pattern: "Over the Rainbow" by Lisa Dykstra
Yarn: Zen String Lotus Toes Sport (yummy). It's really not a sport weight yarn though. I'm knitting a nice fabric on US #1.5 (2.5 mm) needles. That's fingering weight, IMHO. But I love Zen String yarn - it's squishy, knits a firm fabric, and comes in awesome colorways.

I made some slight modifications to the pattern. This pattern is written from the cuff down. I switched it to a toe-up version. I also did not knit the garter stitch heel or toe, but kept the stockinette stitch heel and toe for a little more fluency. The foot of this sock is meant to be plain stockinette stitch, and I like how the yarn stripes and never pools.

Normally, I'm not wild about this many colors in one skein of yarn. But this pattern actually works with multicolored yarn. These are probably the most colorful socks that I've ever knit. And I've come to the conclusion that sometimes color is good. It gives you a lift, cheers you.

And to prevent SSS, a picture to prove that I've already cast on for the second sock. Hopefully I can finish it over the long weekend, when I am so NOT working!
Have a great holiday!

Monday, June 22, 2009

This and That.......

I know. I know. It's been another two weeks since the last post. The lack of action on this blog is pitiful, but please know that I've been knitting. I just haven't posted lately.
So, for all you knitting fans....the latest pair of completed socks. I finished them a couple of weeks ago, but have been negligent in photographing anything of late.

Duckie socks (free pattern on Ravelry)
Size US #2 needles
Yarn: Sportweight Yarntini in the Gimlet colorway (LOVE YARNTINI)!

This pattern is perfect for sport weight yarn. The simple 4 row pattern repeat keeps it interesting, but doesn't drive you crazy. It's a great traveling project, and the results are spectacular. I'm definitely knitting this pattern again.
I have a few patterns I want to conquer before I do this pattern repeat though!

I'm currently working on the "Over the Rainbow" sock kit from Woolgirl's Oz sock club. It's a very easy knit in the gorgeous Zen String yarn. I'm doing the socks toe-up, and the first sock is almost finished. I'll post about it soon. Really, I promise!

Lastly, this weekend we went to visit my brother, who lives near Pittsburgh. These are some pictures of the city from Friday night, probably close to midnight. Todd and I drove out after work on Friday night. We were all exhausted, but we still managed to "bring the crazy" to my brother's house - something like 15 people in one house, having a big ole' slumber party. It was nuts, but it was fun.

And as you can see, we (the siblings three) are a little left of center as usual. On the left is my youngest brother, Jeremy. Me in the middle (the oldest), and my brother Greg on the right. We are still attempting to correct that dang genetic thing that makes all of our noses veer to the right. Seriously, the ENT doctor once asked me if I had fractured my nose.....nope. Just genetics. REALLY!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


In an attempt to MONITOR (yes, that's it, monitor) my teenager's activities.......I have one word to offer you as an excuse for my absence on this blog.....

See you later this week. I have some FO's to post!