Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Over Half of the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow socks.....a pattern and yarn from the Woolgirl Wizard of Oz sock club. Her kits and sock clubs are amazing!
Pattern: "Over the Rainbow" by Lisa Dykstra
Yarn: Zen String Lotus Toes Sport (yummy). It's really not a sport weight yarn though. I'm knitting a nice fabric on US #1.5 (2.5 mm) needles. That's fingering weight, IMHO. But I love Zen String yarn - it's squishy, knits a firm fabric, and comes in awesome colorways.

I made some slight modifications to the pattern. This pattern is written from the cuff down. I switched it to a toe-up version. I also did not knit the garter stitch heel or toe, but kept the stockinette stitch heel and toe for a little more fluency. The foot of this sock is meant to be plain stockinette stitch, and I like how the yarn stripes and never pools.

Normally, I'm not wild about this many colors in one skein of yarn. But this pattern actually works with multicolored yarn. These are probably the most colorful socks that I've ever knit. And I've come to the conclusion that sometimes color is good. It gives you a lift, cheers you.

And to prevent SSS, a picture to prove that I've already cast on for the second sock. Hopefully I can finish it over the long weekend, when I am so NOT working!
Have a great holiday!


Kathy said...

Good for you! This RN is working some of the holiday weekend. Its fine though. I have all of Labor Day weekend to move son into college dorm!
I love your Wizard of Oz socks. My sock mojo is gone.........for now!

Kim said...

Glad you have the long holiday weekend off work! The colors in the yarn are nice. Doncha just love when a designer says the yarn is fingering weight and it isn't or sport weight but is really fingering weight?? I think we all just have to decide for ourselves the weight of the yarn and use needles that give a nice fabric.

peaknits said...

That is a cheerful sock indeed! I love it!

nejyerf said...

LOVING this mix of colors.

but you know i like anything with even a hint of orange in it