Thursday, August 7, 2008

Priceless vs Insanity

It is shameful how I've neglected all of you, and this blog. What can I say? Well, let's fashion this like the mastercard commercial. Play along, won't you?
Live performances of "Sandbag, Stage Left, or One Dead Dolly" on 8/1/08 and 8/2/08. $5/ticket, but hours spent rehearsing and blocking, and acting. I met new people. I extended my horizons. But one day before our trip to Boston. It just should have been at a very different part of the year. It's been over 20 years since I've been on stage - that's a long time! INSANITY!
Trip to Boston, MA on 8/3/08 for my DD#1's annual check-up at Boston Children's Hospital - I was blessed to visit with Morticcia at Chez Yarn. She was every bit the gracious hostess. Her home was an oasis of comfort in a strange city. The best part was surprising her with some Wollmeise! I think it was more joyful for me to give it to her, than for her to receive it! Thank you, Morticcia from the bottom of my heart. It was wonderful to meet you in person, and your warmth and hospitality will never be forgotten! This category is priceless!
Visiting Fenway park with your DD #1, who is an AVID baseball fan, and watching her regurgitate her breakfast in the press box during the $40 tour. Hmmmm....she was a bit nervous about the ensuing MRI and blood work, so we rested for most of the day afterwards. many people puke in a press box at the oldest baseball park in the country? Right, not too many....priceless indeed. Poor kid!
A good report from your DD#1's doctor. Priceless indeed.
Arriving home to a day off where I did absolutely nothing, but unpack. No laundry, no nothing (Ok, I did exercise and knit). Priceless.
Arriving back to work with a schedule that indeed locks in my job security....priceless in today's economy! Terribly tiring when I start at 6:50 am.
Knitting a heavy worsted weight sweater (Brown Sheep's Lanaloft) in the middle of summer - INSANITY.....but fun!

What's priceless or insane in your life right now?


Morticcia said...

Priceless indeed! And you survived

Is that the Feb ladies sweater everyone (but me!) is knitting this summer?

Thanks again for the wollmeise!

Nell said...

How wonderful that you got to meet Morticcia!!!! And even better to be through your DD's summer of testing.

Priceless for me? a new job that will also weather the economic storms. (my old company just declared bankruptcy!)

Shannon said...

Welcome back! I am glad to hear that your trip went well and that the doc had good news to share.