Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shamefully Neglectful

Yes, it's been almost a whole week since I've posted! Life gets in the way sometimes....I'm embarrassed, shamed, ok....not really that upset. Sorry!

Knitting has been happening, and so have parent-teacher conferences (all good - thank heavens)...the start of winter sports for my eldest DD....WORK.....the end of fall sports for the youngest DD....Bible study groups for the kids.....WORK......Knitting (trying desparately to get this Christmas knitting under control).....WORK.....Sleep.....laundry.....more WORK.

The big project today was to get the stash under control - it was taking over my living room. Happily, I can say, that all my stash is under control now (well, it's at least organized). Here's a picture of some of the bins (you really didn't expect me to show you all the bins, did you?), and my new Dansko Mary Janes. I love, love, love, them! Back to the storage/organization project. I even have my Christmas projects all in a little bin to keep me inspired (actually, to add pressure - who am I kidding). And I gave three bags of yarn to my mom tonight. Destash - what a beautiful word!

Speaking of my mom - she made this gorgeous shawl for my grandmother for her birthday....I'm taking a photo of it to post here someday. It's absolutely beautiful. My mother is an awesome crochet queen. She rocks! I'm thinking I'm going to crochet one too! Obviously, not until after Christmas. I know, it's like moving to the dark side, me wanting to crochet, but will it help if I say that I still love knitting more? Does that mean redemption, maybe even a little bit? But all preferences aside, I still have to admit, she whipped this thing out in less than a week, people! That's the great thing about crocheting - it's quick! Maybe it's because I've been crocheting since I've been little. Knitting for really less than 2 years.

Lastly, because you know my thoughts on posts with pictures in them, a shot of of the bins with my newest purse on top (they are pretty small bins you know, not the huge ones at Walmart, but the $4.96 ones - just giving you perspective, not in any way trying to assuage my yarn guilt). Notice I haven't used this purse yet. Too busy organizing (sounds better than cleaning) to switch from my latest one......

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Nell said...

Nice Danskos! I've been wanting a pair of those. Hmmm.....