Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's Over!

The work week is finally over! YEAH! I survived it. I handed in my resignation, and of course accepted the new job. Reverse order, but you get the idea. This will be my first change in five years. It's a little hard leaving my friends at my current job. I'm also moving from a supervisor/management job to being a "worker-bee" of sorts. And that's ok, because there is still a lot of independence with the new job!
To cap the week off (no pun intended), I chipped a tooth on Thursday night. One of the front ones...Uh huh - that's right. Now you really couldn't see much, but half of the back part of the tooth was missing. I was afraid I would have lost the rest of the tooth, but less than 1/2 hour in the dentist chair yesterday fixed it right up. Thank heavens. I may live in small town, PA, but I don't want to look as if I do! When I first moved back to the area following college, my insurance agent, ever the sarcastic person that she is stated, "Good luck finding a man with a full set of teeth!" Ha ha! I actually wasn't looking for a man at the time, and was in no mood, but I did find my DH - and really, he has a full set of teeth and is just great! :) PS - I wasn't even doing anything fun, like eating candy when I chipped the tooth. AND I visit the dentist regularly every 6 months for my routine check-up and cleanings! YIKES!
Oh - BTW - the dealership called, they FOUND more money - can you believe it, Yeah, well I can - silly boys (we don't use the word, "stupid" in my house, but if we would, it definitely applies here). They wasted more of my gas and time. But, I'm picking up my new car today.....goodbye domestic, and hello MAZDA (again)! Hello 5-speed - I love standard! It's terrible to say, but I love buying American made products, just not from the auto industry. We'll leave it at that.

On the knitting front - because I should talk about that, shoudn't I? A bit of progress on the first sock for my mom, really doing well on the second sweater for my nephew. Anxious to cast on the socks for my aunt - it's Shibui Knits, and I've never knit with that yarn before, and it's a lovely color of aqua (I have two skeins of it myself, if it doesn't become a chevron scarf). Lastly, I received a skein of Wollmeise this week (yes, just one, because I have totally got to stop buying yarn for awhile). It's in the much coveted color - Spice Market. I love it! Maybe after Christmas I'll knit with it FPS! :)
Off to Christmas Play practice and some shopping. Laundry a bit today, and all the cleaning is done - so more time for knittng! :)
PS - after Christmas, I'm looking forward to knitting some socks for me!

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peaknits said...

I love the new car! I saw good bye domestic as well - my trusty Nissans have over 300K between the two of them. Still running strong! And Love the sock too! I also got some Spice Market this week - tis the season for...well, Wollmeise!!