Sunday, November 18, 2007

Let It Snow!

Falling snow is a beautiful sight to behold, but really - on my new car? Isn't it enough that Fall was so prolonged, we didn't really experience it at all this year? It's my favorite season! Now it's 45 degrees here, and snowing - FPS! Whining complete, back to the car. We got it yesterday! I love it! Truly, I do. Even though they will make plenty of money on my trade-in. I love driving a manual car, and I forget how much I love it until I'm driving one again. Lucky for me, we live in a very rural setting, otherwise, well, I might be converted to an automatic I'm afraid to admit. Then again, maybe not.
And my photography skills of the car pic are excellent - you can see the snow on the camera lens - YIKES! Oh well, I can't be artsy with everything, now can I? The car stats - Mazda 6, 5-speed. I can't remember the exact color name (apparently, it's not yarn, or I would have the color memorized). Ok, enough about the car.....

Sweater progress - I'm on the final rows at the bottom before I bind off. I started this sweater last week, and it has been a fast knit. I'll put the yarn and details in when I finish it. I'll need to add sleeves (my least favorite part), and then the neck band. Again, I might add some backstitch design to add some visual interest (or not). Christmas and birthdays loom near. And my Dad just put in an order for a burgundy/maroon scarf. Last night. Hmmm...Now, this is my Dad, and I'm his only DD - so you know that I'll be trying to do this for him. His birthday is December 20th, and well, you know how many days from then until Christmas. I have to buy yarn for this scarf - can you imagine? I don't have anything suitable for this! A trip to my LYS will be in order. There's always a plausible excuse, is there not?

PS - I got a sock club shipment from Woolgirl - will post that in the future, and also, I got a "Click and Ship" notification from Yarn Pirate. Booty Club. I think that name is SO hilarious! :)

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