Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Sound of Silence

You'd think the title would mean that I would have a stack of FO's, wouldn't you?
No, no quite. Ahem.........
I do have one finished scarf for my Dad's birthday on Thursday.
I have one sweater on the way.....
Another scarf about 80 % done......
A half of a sock (the first one)........
Fingerless mitts (yet to be cast on)........
Something small (? Hat) for my youngest neice, since her sweater clearly won't be done by Christmas, but maybe a hat in the same yarn, and a sweater mailed in Feb?
And a Partridge in a Pear tree. :)

But I have single-handedly (mind you), helped my daughters make jewelry gifts for 5 of their friends, beaded 6 pair of earrings for various gifts (these are the easiest to do), re-strung a bracelet because someone gave me the wrong size initially......
And nursed a very sore muscle in my shoulder area, that I believe came from knitting under pressure. Hence the Sound of Silence.

What I have accomplished is much more important though, in the true spirit of Christmas. Church piano (and flute) playing, Christmas card writing, elementary concert attending (they all wore white sweatshirts with Rudolph on them - painted with their own hands and feet), Advent readings, Children's Christmas plays, shopping for anonymous childrens' gifts to give to our local Head Start families, and this week, some cookie baking for classroom parties/teachers, Christmas Eve rehearsals, Bible studies, Caroling, Christmas parties for work.... And amidst all this, I heard funny little things like, "Who is Santa's boss?" - You know I jumped all over that statement! I yelled, "MRS. CLAUS!" Hey, I felt the obligation to let her know. I also was asked by my youngest DD, if she could wrap her gifts herself.....hmmm...they are getting smarter these days....offering help when there is profit involved.

Next year I'm not subjecting myself to knitting deadlines. I will work on projects all year long for giving.....(I already do...ahem). I hardly own any of my own knitted socks. I DO own enough sock yarn to knit for all of the county though. Somebody stop me from this knitting promise now, because you know that next Thanksgiving, there will be a flurry of knitting activity, a mad dash to hunt through my knitting books for the perfect pattern, and more trips to the LYS for yarn (even though I clearly have enough to knit wool wallpaper for an entire room in my house). And then there will be deadlines and guilt. I will not have it, no I won't. But, I'll take the Partridge in the Pear Tree, and hey, maybe some chocolate!

PS - Did I mention that I'm adopting the wrap-as-you-go policy again this year? You know, wrap the gifts you need for the particular party in question 10 minutes before you leave. It certainly adds to the holiday cheer! :)

Colinette's Jitterbug on the left in "Kingfisher" and Duet sock yarn in "Icicles" on the right. Purchased from The Loopy Ewe!


Nell said...

Great yarn!!!! I have a lot of wrapping to do too. Wrap as you go it a pretty good idea. But that doesn't work for the Christmas morning stuff. sigh!

nejyerf said...

i never thanked you for coming out of hiding to comment on my blog whilst i was in hospital.

i was so excited to see someone i know in real-life.

i know nothing about knitting, will i still be allowed to post on your blog? if it helps, both my mother and sister are knitters.

jody actually does the whole sheep to shawl thing. she raises her own sheep, has them sheared and spins their wools into yarn. she recently bought a loom and now she's doing some weaving.

i on the other hand have no such crafting abilities.

here's wishing you and yours a very merry christmas