Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

She's going to kill me.....but here's a snap of Mom today. We were doing the Annual Christmas tree search today (terrible weather predicted for tomorrow, so that's why we chose today). We go to a local Christmas tree farm (family owned), and pick our tree. There is no taking one that's already been cut. You might be shunned from the family if you do. We drive over hill and dale, and hike around admiring the trees, (quietly so that the trees don't hear us, and shake off their needles in rebellion) and dispute the faults/beauty of the various trees. This takes about an hour, and I have to admit that I was the last one to decide on a tree today. I can't believe it! Well, yes, I can, but moving on...... We managed to get the tree home (brother has a new truck), put it in the tree stand (DH gets all that credit), and we added the lights tonight. Ornaments and such tomorrow. No tinsel here - it kinda reminds me of acrylic yarn....and we're not going there. It would be important to add that we did not once mention the word "divorce" during this process, everyone's limbs are still intact (I almost lost a thumb involving a drill and some outside decorations one year), and not once did we argue or fight. I think we're getting better at these things! :)

It's Mom's birthday tomorrow, and she'll really kill me for posting the picture of her on the blog. But hey - my mother is a saint. She's always thinking of other people. She's kind, caring, compassionate, Christian, and is always sort quietly working in the background, etc. Well today, she's the highlight of my blog. If I am half the mother that she is to me, my children will be richly blessed!
Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you! Sorry for the horrible exposure on the picture. It must have been the light....but you shine brightly! :)

PS - Contest details tomorrow - I can't wait to start! I've got a great prize! :)


Garden Chick said...

What a lovely tribute to your mother! How lucky to have such a wonderful relationship with her.

peaknits said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! And your tree is breathtaking!