Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve! Let's Celebrate with Cake!

Ok, why oh why didn't somebody tell me how much stinkin' fun I'd have with that ball winder and swift? Golly, all the fun has taken the pain out the pulled muscle I have in my neck, and made this New Year's Eve day a really enjoyable thing. I worked half a day, and then went to my LYS. I went looking for Addi's in US #13, but she had to order them for me. While there (I couldn't leave empty-handed), I also picked up some yarn for the Shedir hat, some cotton yarn from Sockina, and a bamboo size "I" crochet hook. As I was leaving, I took a last glance at the sock yarn that I may have been staring at for a long time while in the store. So, I did what any knitter would do when faced with this precarious situation (last hank left on the rack, no pressure added. Nope, none at all). I took the plunge and bought it. Hot Rod Red....definitely not my usual earthtone color choice, but it was calling to me, and it appears that I will try to knit it up for Valentine's day - perfect colors. It's a yarn I've never knit with before, and it comes from Lonesome Stone Yarns in Colorado. Yummy! I was so excited about it, I wound it up on my ball winder. Here it is!

Oh, by the way, the little yarn cake (I love that term) below is the first sock yarn I ever purchased, and it is the next on my needles. It's Autumn House Farm sock yarn in the "Sunfish" colorway. I love the colors, and it seems like it will cheer me up on the most cloudy of least I hope it will. And it's sport weight! YEAH!

Me, and my big mouth in the last post about no snow. We got some snow last night, but of course, I had to drive in it today for 1/2 day of work. FPS - I'm keeping my mouth shut, but it was like a winter wonderland on my way to work this am. I just don't always appreciate driving THROUGH the winter wonderland.

Lastly, I'm leaving you with a picture of the stacked yarn cakes - they are almost as nice as my wedding cake, and just as yummy! The top layer is "Killer Bees" in Yarn Pirate. My hubby has requested socks in this colorway. He has never requested knitwear before, so he's getting them. I'm going to knit them on the hot pink needles that came with the Booty Club.....hmmm, might be an interesting New Year's Eve after all.....


peaknits said...

My favorite kind of cake! Hope you enjoy every single "bite"! Happy New Year!

Nell said...

It's the "Leaning Tower of Yarn!"