Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Half and Half

Half a pair of socks, as evidenced by the first baby-cabled rib sock - finished! It's knit with STR in medium weight (although I must admit it really feels more like fingering weight to me), in the Pebbles colorway. I'm not sure what was/is wrong with me regarding these socks (well, the second one is not even on the needles yet)! I do like the pattern, very simple, but very slow going. I did knit a pretty long leg before beginning the heel. The heel and the heel turn always make my heart beat a little faster! I'm starting to hope that this pair of socks is not my downfall into the pit of SSS syndrome (Second sock syndrome). There are some muggles reading this, I'm sure. Don't be offended muggles - you can join the ranks anytime - just pick up some sticks....and for my lovely mother, your crochet hook will do! P.S. My MIL has skinny legs, so even though these look like they were knit for some disproportionate elf, they actually do fit a human foot (mine included, although they are a bit "long in the foot" for me - my MIL has slightly larger feet than me).

And the last pic - half of a finished sock (in the Jungle color from Claudia's Handpainted). Who wants to place bets that I can finish it before I leave for vacation on Saturday morning? I'd like to do that, and then put them on my daughter's pillow (with washing instructions too, as she'll just throw them in anywhere, on any setting, knowing her, even though it's superwash). If my Engligh teacher were reading, she would cringe at that last sentence. My DD reminded me last night that it's been at least 6 months since I started these socks. AGH!

Now, where's the half and half for my coffee? NOT - black all the way.....makes my thighs grow larger! :) Well,....... something has to be contributing! It couldn't be the chocolate!

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peaknits said...

I seem to excel at 1/2 pairs of socks:) Yours are coming together nicely!