Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Finis, Finito, Finished!

Ok, I know. It's not the proper conjugation of the verb, but hey - they are finished! I'm very proud of this pair of socks, because they are my very first pair that I knit with a lace pattern! Of course I made pattern modifications - but not to the lace part (except to add an extra set of lace repeats). BTW, I had enough yarn - just a tiny ball left (no, I did not weigh it), but I was not even sweating it near the end. Can you believe that all I knit last night were the toe decreases (and the kitchener stitch)? Sadly enough, I was so exhausted on Monday night, I couldn't bring myself to knit the toe decreases until Tuesday night. And then I retired to bed at 9:00pm Tuesday night after the toe decreases were finished - shocking! Our schedule is so crazy busy (work and homelife), and there is much to do. Vacation is only a week and a half away! I'm excited!

The perplexing issues of preparing and packing for vacation are two-fold.
1. When will I have time to pack (and do laundry prior to packing)? What will the weather be like to decide what to pack? I have to pack for my children too! This adds a bit of stress!
2. Which knitting projects will I take with me? I'm sure I'll buy some yarn at my new destination (one can hardly resist it), and I'm just not sure what to take with me. Now these are the kind of decisions I love to make. I wonder if they could be part of my job, or somehow figured into the work equation?
PS - I just ordered some Wollmeise yesterday, and I'm crossing my fingers that it will arrive in time for the trip! I'd love to do a pair of socks in that yarn (like it's not already in my stash, but the colors I have so far (in stash) are of a blue hue - and you can see that I just knit a lot of blue, and I was hoping to knit a more "Fallish" color). The colors that I ordered from the Wollmeise are: Farn, Raku-regenbogen, Granaptefel, and Rhabarber. I'm really anxious to see the colors and receive my package - I hope it gets here soon! :)
PPS - I'm also trying to finish the dishcloth shawl before I go, which is knit in the blue/green/purple I'm aching to knit some brown/orange/red yarn! :)


Crochet Renee said...

Love those colors

Nell said...

Great socks! And I hope your Wollmeise get there soon!

Also, I can't believe you carry a foley in your car. Hilarious!!!

Knitting Kris said...

Hey, you know Nell, when you become a nurse (well, even as a student, you are a nurse, you just don't get paid), and you do home visits - you carry several sizes of foleys, and several types! :)
You just never know!