Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Keen Sock......

Yes, I've actually been working on knitting in my spare time, however spare it may be. This is the first sock in the Waterfall Colorway from Woolgirl sock club. It's a loverly color. A pretty fast knit (if you aren't swamped with work and homelife), and pretty easy to convert to Magic Loop sock knitting. I should really post those directions on Ravelry and on the Sock Club Blog.

I really enjoyed knitting this sock, and I'm on the last repeat of the 2nd sock before starting the heel. I imagine if I have my way, I'll finish the last repeat, knit the heel, do the turn, and start working on the gusset decreases today. I'm running on the nervous, "I hope I have enough yarn left" theory. Boy, that's incentive to finish the second sock quickly! Why would I run out of yarn, you ask? Well, I did the 5 rows of stockinette after the ribbing, and did 4 lace repeats rather than just 3. The sock is still a bit big as far as socks go.....but it's a nice knit, and I think it will work. I wasn't going to move up another needle size, because it would have been way too big. I made some small modifications to the pattern.

As for the color of the yarn itself - it does really speak to me, as evidenced by the close resemblence of color in my favorite pair (ok, only pair) of Keen sandals. Hmmm.......I guess Jen and Miss Babs never thought of this comparison! :)

Also, anxiously awaiting the opening of the new Wollmeise yarn shop (I'm hoping it won't be a nightmare, but I have seen everyone go crazy at TLE over this yarn). I wonder if I'll be able to order any of the yarn that I would like to have? Who knows. Not getting a certain skein of yarn isn't going to kill me - at least not yet! :) Although I wish I'd ordered before she closed her shop for the month of September......Again, it's not going to kill me if I don't get a skein of yarn. I keep repeating that mantra! :)
Off to finish Sunday dinner.......YUM! YUM!

PS - did I mention that I hate downloading snaps on dial-up access? It takes forever, and I have to download the smallest size pics - YUCK! I guess you can click on the picture to see the larger image.

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