Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spoiler Alert - Woolgirl sock club!

Spoiler alert! Pictures of Woolgirl Sock Club yarn ahead!

I love the whole package! Jen, I am gushing over the colorway (it's so me, I couldn't create anything more lovely). I'm all about the blue and purples....well, hey, I just love color (and yarn, oh my, how I love yarn) period! I love how Jen pays attention to detail (even the tissue paper and ribbon matched the yarn. You're so amazing!

Contents (a bit fuzzy in the picture, more later in the blog about the fuzzies):
A great skein of sportweight (also my fave) of Miss Babs in the "Waterfall" Colorway.
Woolgirl Sock Club Journal with attached pen (how did you know that I lose pens so easily?).
Mint Chocolate Chip lip balm from Naiad Soap Arts - YUM!
Sereknity stitch marker (swarovski crystals included - gorgeous cube bead dangle).
Beautiful pattern (I'm hoping I can accomplish it) designed by Miss Babs.

It was nice to have this package on my doorstep when I arrived home yesterday! I made myself look at all the other mail first...and then opened the package! :) Don't worry, most of the other mail was just junk (and one bill).

I'm picking up some new 12" Addi turbos on order this week from Mad About Ewes. I think these will be my first project on them! :) Here's a close-up (as much as I can do with my little rinky- dink digital camera. DH has the nice camera (OK, he has several), and he's a great photographer. But taking pictures of my yarn is not his idea of enjoyment (Can you imagine). He did have a gig today to do some portraits! I'm excited for him. He really is a talented photographer. Take another peak at the yarn! It's fabulous! I'm working on my other projects so that I can cast this onto my needles this week. I hope to finish my dishcloth shawl (what a name) very soon, as the fall weather is fast approaching. Perfect weather for throwing the shawl over your shoulders! Now I need to start on wool socks for me. I've never knit a pair just for me! Can you believe it!

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Woolgirl Sock Club Members said...

Love your photos! :) Enjoy knitting these! They are such a fun and quick knit!