Sunday, September 9, 2007

I've Been Invited!

Don't you just love invitations, well most of the time? I really do! I got my invite yesterday! I'm so excited to see the actual site....I don't even want to think about trying to photograph the stash (that would mean admitting to it all). HA HA HA!
Ok - here's blog question for anyone who might accidently stumble across mine (because I think it's still rather not a popular place). How on earth do I get rid of the whole link address and just list the word (highlighted, of course) how do I just post the word "Ravelry" and have it link to that site? I'm at a loss (see post about not being the most computer literate person around).
I'm hoping to knit some today, but only time will tell. I may include photos if there's anything to show. We went to a HUGE flea market/antique show yesterday near State College, PA. It was fun, but HOT, HOT, HOT (humid). It totally zapped the knitting urge last night. That and soccer practice and games, football games, church activities, and just buzzing about with kids' activities....well, it's all taken a piece out of the knitting. This week, work will take its fair share......

ETA - a pic of the STR sock. I finally got the Eye of Partidge heel on it, and managed to knit down to the foot of the sock, so now it's lovely knitting to the toe.....I'm thinking if I can knit fast enough that they might be a gift for my MIL's birthday on the 17th (wishful thinking). MIL does't read this blog, so it's OK!

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Kristin said...

Hi Kristin that is in the Wool Girl Club. Had to come by and visit.

ABout your linking question. When you post just type it out like you want it to appear (ex: I got invited to Ravelry.) Then highlight the word Ravelry and click on the green world looking thing that has a chain link on it. A box will pop up where you can put in the link (

Hope that helps!