Sunday, September 23, 2007


First up - the started Chevron scarf from "Last-Minute Knitted Gifts." I've wanted to knit this for a long time, and as you can read from my last post, I just couldn't find the colors that I wanted for my first time with this scarf and pattern. I just love how it is looking, but I HATE the needles. I'm such a fan of the Addi Turbo's, and I love some of my wooden needles, but not these. I'm clearly going to search for different US #5's on my upcoming vacation. Until then, I just keep chugging away, albeit slowly, in part, because of the needles. The yarn just doesn't glide across them like it does on other needles that I own (even other wooden ones). The yarn that I've chosen is also a bit thinner than most that I've seen being used with this scarf, but I still love it! I am willing to sacrifice a little more time for the beauty of the scarf. Plus, as knitting addicts, we can relate, that when we want to start a project - we want to start it any dang needles will work.....HA!

Next up, the 1st sock of the Woolgirl sock club. I'm making an executive decision and knitting another round of the lace pattern before I turn the heel....and clenching my teeth throughout both socks, hoping fervently that my yardage will hold out. If not, I believe some extra yarn is available from the club. I just hate it when I have these balls of yarn left after the socks are done. I start thinking how I could have added this or that to the pattern, but didn't for the sake of yardage. That's my great dilemma with sport weight yarn. It still remains my favorite to knit with by far (unless there is some Wollmeise involved). I suppose I should just suck it up, and learn to knit toe-up, but I haven't yet. I'm enjoying this yarn, and it's been a relatively quick knit. I'm enjoying the colors immensely. There is a bit of pooling of the yarn around the cuff - not as visible on this side of the sock, but I do love the colors, and this will be the first pair of socks that I knit just for me. YIPEE!

We had a lovely bike ride today on a local "Rails to Trails" site. My husband estimates the distance to be 5 miles total. There is a really cool tunnel at the end of it - you start off riding into the tunnel, and kind of slowly make your way forward, and ride towards the light at the end. A bit scary (especially if there are some dogs roaming with you, and they cause you to stop abruptly, and your bike grips pierce your calf amidst the darkness), but ultimately fun. A lovely fall day!

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