Saturday, September 8, 2007

Finally! FO (Finished Object) Alert!

Finally, a FO alert, and a picture to go with it! I finally finished the prayer shawl last night. I am so glad! Glad that I can finally give it to my friend, and glad that I'm back to guiltless knitting, instead of crochet.
And about that knitting - here's how silly I am. I was completely done with the 8 inches of baby-cabled rib on the STR socks (this being the second time I'd knit it already)......I nicely, or so I thought, executed the eye of a partridge heel, but I didn't frame it with some garter stitches, so when I went to PU (pick up) stitches for the gusset, well, there were only 6 places to PU stitches on the one side - creating a nice lacy-looking pick-up. WHICH wouldn't have mattered if I'd done the other side that way, but hey, I'm not that smart to think that far ahead. So I tried, really I did, to rip back to the heel flap, but I just couldn't manage to get my sock back on the needles, and so I RIPPED IT! Yep, right back to the begining. SIGH. I'm still working on achieving the 8 inches (although I felt guilty every time I worked on it - see prayer shawl above) of the leg. I hope to get these socks off the needles soon!

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