Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Blog Ate My Earring!

I wonder if the title of this blog entry could be used as an excuse for an art student? However, it is not very funny! I finally decided at 5:00pm today to do some beading. I should mention that beading is often done best in natural light. Fall is fast approaching, and natural light is starting to fade earlier, especially near 5:00pm, EST. Then there' s the issue of dinner (I won't even admit what we ate) near that time. Lastly, my youngest wanted to make her own necklace and bracelet too! I can't discourage the arts at this young, impressionable age. My oldest looked at us in disgust (she's a tomboy), and stomped upstairs to read.

I (or rather we) plowed along. Beading (at least for me) is the fine art of putting something together, ripping it out at least 3-4 times (bare minimum), and finally getting a result that you are happy with. Once the main piece (usually the necklace) is finished, it's often easy to create a bracelet and earrings to match....creating a set! Tonight, I thought, "Great! I've finally got a beaded set to post on the blog!" So I rushed upstairs to get the camera. On my way down to the outside and minimal light source, (now about 7:30pm), I lost an earring! UGH! Silly me - why am I rushing to post this on my blog! I spent the next 15 minutes on hands and knees hunting for the earring (natural light source fading fast). At long last I found it - it was outside too. To sum up this sad and pathetic tale - no photo of the earrings. But the necklace and bracelet are at the top left.

Stats: Lampwork bead (focal point) - purchased at a bead show in Philadelphia 2 years ago.
Swarorski Crystals - Smoked Topaz color.
Tiger's Eye pebbles.
Fresh Water Pearls - Dyed dark blue in color.
Lime green seed beads.
Gold-filled findings.

P.S. In case you are reading, and worried that there is no fiber content in this post, I may have purchased some SUNDARA yarn today (I can hardly wait). I hear this stuff is fabulous! I promise to post pics when it arrives!


Crochet Renee said...

Love the bracelet and necklace.
Wish I was in the beading mood right now.

peaknits said...

Very pretty beading!! And you will love, love Sundara - it is so squishable. Thanks for coming by my blog - the shoes are DAnsko's Jade - I think they are "discontinued" as mine are several years old (they have come out with several newer mary janes though) - but I've seen them sold on ebay for a good price:).