Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Sock Affair

I promised myself I'd just get the prayer shawl done. It's progressing nicely. I want to have it finished this weekend, but I've got so many things I want to KNIT, not crochet! UGH! So, to satisfy my knitting self, I worked on my STR sock tonight (GASP - a sock affair). The lighting for picture-taking was terrible tonight, with thunderstorms and such. My current photo of the sock is not the best....not that my photo-taking skills are that advanced anyway. This is an old shot, a couple of inches ago (sock inches, I must clarify). My DH, now he's the real photographer! Seriously, he's extremely talented with his camera! I digress.

I completed the rest of the leg on my STR Pebbles sock in the medium weight sock yarn. Gosh, this yarn is awesome! What a wonderful yarn base! The leg measures about 8 inches, and it's done in the Baby Cable Rib Pattern. It looks as though it would fit only my big toe, but it stretches nicely, and the stitch definition is great with this yarn!

Other than that, I'm just waiting for Friday, and the long Labor Day weekend (in which I am NOT working)! YEAH!

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