Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Wicked Step-Sister!

Well, I needed to make a prayer shawl, and I needed to make it quickly. One thing I am not is a quick knitter. I mentioned before that I was what's known as a "thrower." I do not knit "continental" style, and even American style knitting just doesn't work well for me, although I do wrap the yarn around the pinkie on my right hand and it feeds from there. I really don't have issues with varying tension so much with being a "thrower," despite what I've read about the "horrors" of having this label. You wouldn't believe the stuff I've read. Real self-esteem boosters they are: "You'll never reach your full knitting potential if you don't try to hold the needles and yarn like this." GEEZ! At first, being a relative newbie, I was a bit disconcerted. You know, I want to reach my FULL potential, being the Type A personality that I am. But then I realized that my tension greatly varied, my hands hurt, my neck hurt, all trying to please someone in a book with the way that I hold the yarn and knit! So, now, I'm doing my own thing, a semi-version of the American way to knit. And the funny thing is that it feels natural to me. The even cooler thing was that my Nana (a knitter from way back), was watching me knit one night, and she remarked that I held my yarn and needles just like she used to do (Sadly, trigger fingers and arthritis don't allow her to knit anymore). Now, that's something to boost my self-esteem. I knit like my Nana! :)
I've gotten a bit diverted from this post title. I really need to get a prayer shawl to my friend Ev. She's been recently diagnosed with a mass on her colon and spots on her liver - no definitive cancer diagnosis yet. So, I started a prayer shawl on Sunday - this is it so far. I've finished one skein and three more yet to crochet! It's a basic prayer shawl pattern, and a very simple double crochet stitch involved. Minimal tutelage from my crocheting guru mother. It all comes back so easily. I can definitely crochet faster than I knit............but the bottom line still remains - Crochet is like the wicked step-sister. I say that in all jest, because I've seen some beautifully crocheted pieces of art. BUT, I still love my knitting the best! If I had more time, Ev would receive a knitted shawl. I feel the urgent need to get this to her as soon as possible. So a crocheted one she will receive! WICKED!

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