Saturday, August 18, 2007

Frog City - Rippit!

So, there's a word in every knitter's vocabulary (one that I don't enjoy saying, let alone using), and I had to use it the other night. Not only did I use the term, but I performed it. FROGGING! For those of you who are "muggles," this means that I had to rip the project I was doing, either back to a certain point in the knitting, or completely rip the whole knitting project back to the beginning. I, being the totally talented knitter that I am, did the latter.

So, the second Quince sock is now officially back on the needles, and the 1x1 ribbing is complete. Thank heavens, because I'm what's known as a "thrower." More about that term in another blog discussion. Muggles, stay tuned.

I'm a little disgusted with myself, as I can't always fix my mistakes, and lose some knitting time because of it. But hey, I didn't even know the purl stitch last summer, so we are making progress!Sometimes a little dropped stitch is easily fixable, this was not. Magic loop involved too.

I'll try to post more pics (and click and drag them to their rightful place in my blog) soon. This is day #6 of work this week, and I only have one patient to see tomorrow, so hey - maybe some knitting time and photo time in my future. Tomorrow is my eldest daughter's birthday! So we have a picnic planned (with cake and other fattening stuff).

So for now - Frogger out...............

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