Sunday, August 12, 2007

Christmas in August

Blogging time was limited this weekend, as as we were very busy! We went to see a show at a relatively close theatre (relative can be a pretty expansive term to use in rural PA). It was wonderful, and we had a lot of fun! A great thing about the trip to the theatre (that phrase reminds me of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"), was that I had some knitting time in the car. So, I completed this sock (just so you don't think I just purchase yarn and not knit it - because I do knit it eventually). This is the first sock knit with Fiesta Boomerang the "Quince" Colorway. The sock is a bit "long in the foot" for me (which is a good thing - because it is not for me). I've been a very good girl and cast on the second sock right away to avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome (SSS). Notice that it's hanging on one of our tomato plants in this picture - if I uploaded it correctly! Hee hee! How do you like it Adie? It's for you (photo in the center - well sort of center).

So, you can imagine my surprise when we arrived home later in the evening to find not one, but two packages of awaited yarn in the mail (all relative to the fact that we live in rural PA, and it doesn't take much to excite a person). It truly was like Christmas, although not a flake, of snow that is, was in sight.

The first package (photo on the left) contained a lovely skein of Zen String's SerendipityFingering Weight Sock Yarn in the lovely "Lufaloo" colorway. Zen String is fabulous - gorgeous colors and a terrific yarn base. Wonderful service from Angelina. I highly recommend her yarn!

Next package up for review (photo on the right, well sort of) - a great new item (Sounds like "The Price is Right" - doesn't it)! The first installment of Chewy Spaghetti's Sock Yarn Club - a wonderful skein of "Frivolous" in Sport Weight (my favorite sock weight as of now), a great little pin, and fabulous hand-made project bag, just perfect for socks! The bag even matches the yarn - very sassy! This is my first sock club (although I've signed up for the Woolgirl sock club too, which will commence in September. So, I'm very excited. I may even venture into knitting these "Frivolous" socks toe-up (this will be completely new for me).

So all, in all, it seemed a bit like Christmas in August, for all the above mentioned reasons. And we had a great picnic tonight with my brother and his family. See below note about not so great food applies here to this picnic, and most of the food consumed on Saturday's trip. The company was fab on both days though!

P.S. We are not talking about the exercise, because it didn't happen at all this weekend, and we are not even going to talk about the food choices, or lack of willpower in making the food choices! :(
Back on the bandwagon this week!

P.S. #2 Obviously I'm having issues with uploading these pics - not only does it take a long time, but they all end up at the top. Notice I'm not very computer "savvy", or I would be able to figure out how to move them around in the blog, which was my original intent.

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All you need to do is drag your pics to where you want them to be on the blog posting page. When you download them, you choose left, center, or right. Other than that, you can drag your pics to where you want them in the content of your blog.