Monday, August 6, 2007

Knitting and exercising (not at the same time)

So, not much knitting time this weekend. I did add a few rows to the shawl, the Fiesta socks, and the top-down sweater. As you can see, I'm not always prolific in pumping out the FO's around here. To me, that's ok for some people. I try to enjoy the knitting process for what it is. Of course I enjoy wearing and gifting the FO's. But really, if I just rush through a project, I don't enjoy it nearly as much.

We had family visiting from Virginia, and we love to see them, so we spent some time visiting, playing raquetball, and family games! FUN! Oh, did I mention that we forgot to say that we ate - we always eat. This is becoming a problem as I begin to creep towards 40 - it starts adding weight! The weight doesn't come off as fast as it used to when I was 20. I didn't even think about my weight when I was 20! It's the usual lament. So I have started (maybe if I announce it publicly, or at least to my conscious, because I don't know if people can find this blog yet) to exercise yet again. I want to follow through with it. I definitely do sleep better, and feel better when I do exercise. So, last week was good - got at least 20 minutes of exercise every day, some days 30, some days 50+. It a concious choice, but definitely not an easy one at times.

I wonder if they make small weights in the shape of knitting needles or say measuring tapes? Maybe adding bricks to your finished socks? And use them during your workouts? Would that make us want to exercise more?


Jeremy and Kate said...

Keep going in that exercise!!

I need to start again...but doesn't lifting boxes count??

Crochet Renee said...

Love that picture. Keep up the good work both in knitting and exercise.