Saturday, August 25, 2007

The peaches are done.....and a little knitting!

Check out these peaches! 26 gorgeous quarts of them! Hey, my back is killing me, but that's another story. 12 days of work in a row, makes for stress in the back. The ibuprofen is helping. The canning, not so much. But you can guarantee that I will appreciate these jars in the dead of winter!

I've gotten a bunch of stuff via the post in the past week or so. So check out this line-up of Wollmeise! The lighting (even though it's natural) doesn't quite capture the intensity and the color contrast, as in person. The first two skeins on the left are Gewitterhimmel - a beautiful blue with some hints of a greenish blue (not captured by the pic). They are for a shawl someday. The middle skein is that wicked (in a good way) Poison #5! It's a great fuchsia and black combo! It rocks! The next is Am Kalten Polar, and finishing off with a skein of Pfauenauge. I bought all of these skeins, with the exception of the Pfauenauge (, from Claudia directly from Germany. I love international post, and Claudia was super-speedy. She's wonderful in conducting her business. The price for the total yarn direct from Germany (skein plus shipping) equals that which we pay for a skein here in the US, so not a bad deal!
I also hit Knit Picks book sale, but more on that later! For now, I'll leave you with this closing picture of the slow progression of my 2nd Quince Sock. I hope to finish it this weekend, thus ending the SSS that so many of us suffer from!

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Alyson said...

Gorgeous! That Gewitterhimmel is the one I have, too! I may need to order more from her, depending on how this skein knits up....I completely LOVE her eye for colour.