Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Long Overdue Post

Freshly back from vacation, or not so freshly, after a 13 hour drive....and a headache, and a semi-early start this am. Let's just make this post about pictures (which could take forever, as here in dial-up land, one snap takes 15 minutes to upload to the post. Never mind that you could accidently delete it at times before it is saved. What idiot would do that, you ask? Well, apparently, this one).

There wasn't much knitting for a whole week away from job and even my family, and I'm very disappointed in myself. I think I might get more knitting done with my regular schedule at home. We had other adventures though, and they were just as fun and relaxing.

First up - Jungle socks for my eldest daughter. They are only slightly overdue....UGH! A simple K3, P1 rib, and normal heel flap, etc. Done in Claudia Handpaints in the "Jungle" colorway. She loves them! :)

Next up - Maine Morning Mitts - from Clara P. at Knitter's Review. These are a really quick knit...even though I have to add the thumb yet. The thumb is very short (only 4-5 rows, I believe). It's knit in Noro Kureyon, on size US 7's. Fast stuff, I tell you! :)

Next post - all about the packages I received while gone, and some shopping aquisitions.....

Lastly, whilst I was away, God decided it was time to paint the ridge view from our backyard....paradise!

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peaknits said...

So glad you got those Jungle socks done - whew! They are terrific! And the mitts too. What a great backyard view you have. Glad you made it home safe and sound!