Thursday, October 11, 2007

I won! And Some Random Rambling

I was going to title this post, "I'm a winner." But that seemed a little egotistical. Usually, I'm not a winner, but for some reason, I'm a winner today. Are you wondering what I won yet? Have I piqued your curiosity at all? Is your cat still alive? 'Cause you know, curiosity killed the cat - isn't that right, Mom? And maybe you're even wondering how I won the prize? Ok - enough suspense - if you can even call it that. Well, Chicken Knits had a little contest to name her cute little pig, and I entered the name, "Wilson", and she chose it for his middle name. For my valiant effort, I win some yarn! WAHOO! I can hardly wait! I never win anything (notice I'm avoiding the statement, "I'm a big loser!")! When I get back from vacation, maybe I'll have me a blog contest for myself. My brother is shamelessly begging for comments on his blog. Love ya buddy! I try to tell him that just because people don't comment, doesn't mean that they don't read your blog. Heaven knows that I don' t get a lot of comments, but I'm starting to meet some cool people who love knitting as much as I do. That's a cool thing! So if you're in a friendly way, go on over and visit him here. Don't forget to leave a nice comment! He's a pastor, you know. So now leaving a comment that you went the the LYS with your DH for SEX, (even though we know that means you went to your LOCAL YARN STORE with your DARLING HUSBAND for a STASH ENHANCING EXPEDITION) might send him over the edge! Geesh!

Oh, and guess what else I got in the mail today - Wollmeise! I just love it! I got the
Rhabarber in medium.
Raku-Regenbogen in dark.
Granaptefel in medium.
Farn in medium.

It is all fabulous - thanks, Claudia! But I especially love the Raku-Regebogen. It is fabulous, and even more so than the Spice Market that I was wanting. Yes, sometime I will still order the Spice Market, but the Raku is a great color - very "fallish." I'm never disappointed with her yarn or her colors. My photography skills - yes! There's never any great light here, and to be honest, it was gray and damp all day yesterday! The Raku-Regenbogen is actually brown, orange, blue, and dk red. It's fab! It will be taking a vacation with me. See the other pic at the bottom!

And speaking of vacation, I'm off to pack! And then to carve some pumpkins with my pumpkins tonight! :) This is the fun part of being a Mom! And my DH is SO cute - he didn't think the pumpkins we had were big enough for our carving designs, so he went out looking for more! We got two more large pumpkins! What a sweetheart! I personally think that he loves carving them as much as they do! I'm blessed! :)

And also, a big shout-out to Meangirl, who oriented me to the LYS's and knitting groups in Nashville! Thanks again! Saturday morning - Nashville or bust!


peaknits said...

Yay on your prize! Nell sends good loot! And I did not know that's what SEX meant - good to know - lol! Enjoy your vacation - and your Wollmeise, it rocks!

Garden Chick said...


Have a great time on your vacation we will miss you at crafts on Wednesday night!!!

Nell said...

I'm loving your Wollmeise and lamenting that mine is being held hostage at the post office. I'll get your package out to you by Monday!