Friday, February 1, 2008

The Scarf of Constant Sorrow

The post you've all been waiting for, The Scarf of Constant Sorrow. I laughed when Crazy Aunt Purl called her sweater the "Sweater of Constant Sorrow." So, I really can't take credit for this phrase, but I like it! I hope she doesn't mind if I borrow it!

The scarf details, whining rational discussion of its various points will be kept to a minimum.
The Yarn - It's a really pretty yarn, It's Lobster Pot Yarn Whale of a Skein in Lobster Red(mix of wool, dehaired angora, and cashmere - 10%). It almost feels a little like cotton, but better. It's a heavy sport-weight yarn knit on US # 6 needles.
The Yarn Problem - It bleeds. My fingers are pink when I put it down, and two weeks ago, it turned one of my Columbia shirt sleeves a nice pink too. The dyer has mentioned that it will need a soak in white vinegar to solve this bleeding problem, and that will happen after it's knit.
An aside - Imagine my horror when I received my first STR sock club shipment and saw the varied shades of RED as the first color. I almost cried, and unless they redeem themselves with other shipments, this will be a one year subscription. I'm probably gonna get lots of negative feedback for that remark, but I'm being honest, and this is MY blog. I digress.
The Scarf Pattern - A very simple rotating purl stitch on the right side between knit stitches, purl stitch all the way baby, on the wrong side. Hundreds and hundreds of rows of it. UGH! It's taking forever. But I am really, frankly, not motivated to knit it. I'm just not. Gosh, I feel better. Now let's discuss scarves in general.
Sometimes scarves get on my nerves, and one never really thinks about it when they begin knitting them. You know, new project syndrome, otherwise known as startitis. Scarves require insanity endurance, staying power, patience, and longevity. Sometimes I have these qualities, and sometimes, well I simply don't. I get bored with some of these projects easily. I started a chevron scarf from LMKG - and hated the needles, and still haven't moved on it. And it's being done in fabulous colors from Fearless Fibers, but the yarn is fingering weight. I really think that the LMKG scarf needs to be done in sport weight, IMHO.
I do love the appearance of the chevron scarf, and want to finish knitting one....someday.

The blog awards - I tried downloading the button, it's not working. I loathe dial-up access. We don't have any other choice where we live. We don't have access to DSL, and we only get five TV channels via an outside antennae. I know that some of you are gasping for air at this point. We don't find this a problem. We actually like it. Less choices make for more options of other activities when nothing worthwhile is on the Tele. It also helps to limit the kids with their viewing too. Blog awards...I may just feature a post where I actually list the blogs I enjoy, and acknowledge the talented people, and just do it that way. So, no pretty button on my post. Sorry! Stay tuned though - you're still appreciated! :)

Back to the Scarf of Constant Sorrow - Here it is in all its horror refined splendor. When I put it on, it wraps nicely around my neck and comes to rest on both sides of my hips - I would call it a moderate low-rise fit! It's being knitted for my cousin, who is a man, and I think I'll keep knitting it for awhile....if I can get up the gumption. I'll need a reward system for this project! I think Wollmeise should do the trick!
Happy, Happy Weekend!

PS - the scarf is all one length and width, it is done in an pattern that encourages rolling at the edges, sorta like stockinette does. There is not a mistake in the middle of it on the last picture, I just can't get it to stay flat! But that was the recipient's choice of pattern.


peaknits said...

ugh. But at least it is pretty right? The color is so rich! I think Wollmeise would be an apt reward indeed:) Knitters must support one another's rationalizations.

Nell said...

Rah! Rah! Rah! You can do it!

Those are my rather poor cheerleading skills trying to get you through the scarf. I agree with Peaknits. Wollmeise is a great reward!

peaknits said...

quick thing - I am too cautious too to trade at Ravelry - people have actually approached me for things by PM me:) But I would "buy" yarn from another raveler or if I had something they were specifically requesting perhaps?

Kay said...

This isn't really a comment, I don't have your email address at home, just wanted to let you know that your dd volunteered to be acholyte and lay leader on Wednesday night. I just wanted to confirm it with you...I know that conflicts with craft night at the MACC.

Morticcia said...

I hear your pain about the slog and the color bleed. I'm so fastidious color bleeding would drive me insane.

Add my Rah! Rah! Rah! to Nell's. Keep your chin up. It will end. Someday soon.