Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Heart Day!

No knitting news...still working on the Hockey Stick socks. I have about half of the foot done, and I just keep plugging away. But it's been a bit stressful with new job, driving in all kinds of weather to see my patients, and basically, coming home exhausted and doing the charting, and sometimes taking a short nap before the arrival of DH and the kids.

So, look at the pretty pictures, and I'll work on an FO for the next post (finished object for you, muggles). Muggles = non-knitting folks. I love you still, even though you are a bunch of funny muggles. Funny in a good way!

First up - Kay brought this beautiful Valentine's cookie package to book club the other night for all of us! Isn't it beautiful? I haven't eaten the cookies yet because they are so pretty! Thanks again Kay! You're so thoughtful (and obviously very talented and creative)! Don't worry, I'm sharing the cookies with the girls tomorrow on the 14th! The book we reviewed...."The Other Boleyn Girl" by Phillipa Gregory. A historical fiction book. It did bring to life the story of Anne Boleyn from her sister's perspective. I find myself forgetting the history behind all of this, and now want to dig a bit deeper into the actual facts, although the book is somewhat factual. It was an easy read. I've also renewed my dislike for King Henry VIII, who was an absolute male PIG! Unbelievable!

Next up - this gorgeous skein of worsted weight yarn from my LYS. The colorway is called, "River Runs To It." It's my usual favorite jewel-toned colors. I'm thinking fingerless mitts, and maybe a scarf? I wanted a hat, but when I called for the last skein, someone had already bought it! YIKES! I'll see what I can do....maybe a skinny scarf? Wait a minute. I don't want to knit scarves, or do I? This scarf phobia has now left me a complete bumbling idiot. Wait, maybe a Montego Bay scarf with my Yarn Pirate Booty Club Icicle yarn...............oh the possibilities.

Lastly, I also purchased this book at my LYS. I'm going to try a pattern from the book first, and then I'm going to head into trying to do the two socks at a time thing....they are knit from the top down, which is interesting. Although my LYS owner found a mistake in the book. I'm thinking I'll knit a pair of child's socks first to make sure I know what I'm doing when I do them two-at-a-time.

Has anyone else tried knitting two socks at one time?


KnittingMoose said...

Those cookies are adorable...too pretty to eat! ;) I love the colors in that yarn, too.
(p.s.-Thanks for the comment over at my blog!) :)

Nell said...

Very pretty cookies!

I haven't done 2 at a time. But I'm excited to see you give it a go!

Marisol said...

Great Cookies --Yumm!

The two socks at a time books looks very intersting. I'll have to check back to see how it works out for you.

nejyerf said...

the cookies are lovely.

and i think i have deciphered some of your code:

LYS=local yarn shop?

am i right?!?

Morticcia said...

Don't judge ole Harry too harshly. Poor lad was the second son, and thus treated harshly by his miserly and cruel father, Henry VI. When he unexpectedly became heir, he started out as a good and justly king. Upon taking the throne, he set free men imprisoned by his father.

But if you could have all that you desired year in and out, except a rightful heir to your throne, and were surrounded by sycophants, you too might find yourself a little misogynistic. Or not, who knows.

I love me some Harry, can you tell?

I'd probably enshrine those cookies, they're too pretty to eat!