Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Persistence pays off. Here's the finished socks. I hate to even give you the stats, because frankly, they are embarrassing.....

Simple 2x2 Rib socks
US #1 needles (2.5 mm)
Shibui Knits (I forget the colorway #) - fingering weight.
Started 12/07
Finished 2/23/08
I have dubbed them my Hockey Stick Socks (they look really skinny when off the foot).

Pathetic time frame for the knitting. I think it might have been the fingering weight yarn. I'm used to knitting most of my socks in sport weight yarn. We have cold winters here, and the added thickness of the yarn is great. I also think that I personally would have liked to knit a more complicated pattern with this semi-solid colorway. It might have kept things more interesting for me. These socks are actually "modeled" on my feet, but they are not for me. The recipient (who has more knitted socks now than I do), has larger feet, so they are a little big for me. Hence the pointy toes.

A little bit about the yarn. Initially I didn't like this yarn. I'm still a bit ambivalent about my relationship with it (a pity too, because it's a fabulous color, and I have two more skeins of it myself). It does have a pretty nice twist, but I had trouble with laddering at some points on the bottom of the sock (which was knit in stockinette). I fixed what I thought the problem might be on the second sock. But I was conscious of it all the way through. I've never had ladders on any socks before, so I'm not sure why with this yarn? I certainly didn't change the way I knit ML in general. ? any thoughts? My needles are kept in very good shape, and I don't think they are the problem. I am the problem, let's just face it.

Now of course, there are new socks on the needles - this is a nice 6 row pattern repeat, and I am loving the colorway - Hot Rod Red. It's so NOT my color, but it is bright and cheerful. A welcome distraction from the gray of winter that surrounds me.
It's fingering weight too, so I'll have to report on the laddering effect with these.

The new's kicking my butt. I'm hoping for some relief soon. But it's six days of work in a row this week, and then four days next week, with a three day weekend. YIPEE! The work is a bit demanding, especially the charting. It's also stretching my nursing skills/comfort zone immensely. But the patients are so appreciative. Today I got a gift from one of the families. A lovely pearl and crystal necklace. It's beautiful, and so thoughtful!

And so I'm off, driving the countryside looking forward to the springtime when I can see the flowers in bloom and smell see the cows and farmers in the fields....then, maybe then, I'll feel more relaxed about the job. For now, I soldier on, with more wintry weather predicted for Friday in these parts......SIGH! Persistence....that's the ticket!


KnittingMoose said...

I like the socks! It is a pretty color, but I know what you mean about how they can get a little monotonous, I've made some like that too. And I love the bright and cheery red ones you've started, they look fun! :)

Adie said...

I love the socks! Do I REALLY now have more knitted socks than you? Quit! Get busy on some for yourself! Love you and can't wait to get them!

peaknits said...

We are looking at more winter weather too - gish, I've just had it. Your socks though, they are gorgeous!

Nell said...

I'm glad the new job is stretching your skills. That's one of the reasons I got into nursing- constant challenge. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I'm putting on a good face and getting through to the final push!

Morticcia said...

Pretty, pretty socks.

Just think it is almost March, and in most years today actually is March.