Sunday, February 17, 2008

In a Funk.......

Yes, it's happened. I'm in a funk. A knitting funk. The whole thing can probably be traced to a whole life funk right about now, if I'm really honest. I hate February and the feeling is mostly mutual regarding March too. It's gloomy, gray, cold, and just downright blah. Bottom line - it's affecting my knitting. I can't seem to finish the Hockey Stick Socks, no matter what I try. I'm being so good at not casting on anything else, but I'm reading other people's blogs, and they are just cranking out those FO's. I'm a bit envious, and I don't like that trait at all. Does anyone else feel in a funk, or is it just pathetic me?
Does anyone have any suggestions?

BUT on a lighter note, I have to relate this funny story from the weekend. It may be detrimental to your thoughts of me, but I shall proceed, because, frankly it's too funny not to share. Hopefully it will brighten your day, as it did mine. The SUN was actually shining yesterday, despite cold and windy conditions. I did errands and some laundry in the morning. We ate lunch, and took our toboggan to a nearby field for some sledding. Now, it's been awhile since I've been on our toboggan. In fact, this may have been my inaugural trip on the thing (it's been used by DD#2 and DH quite a bit). I decided to go with them this time. It's a very slim toboggan, and I am an average female. Remember this fact - it's important for the rest of the story. DD #2 is sitting in the front, I have my legs wrapped around her and my feet are propped on the curve of the front of the sled. DH is behind me.........we push off. I suddenly realize that my thighs have extending beyond the outer limits of the toboggan, and the ice and snow (very hard and sharp) begin to cut into my outer thighs as we descend down the field, slowly at first, but then we head rapidly to the center of the field, where there is a slight ditch.....there is no avoiding it....we hit it and are airborne for a few seconds of glee (I'm laughing so hard, I cannot possibly steer at this point), and my thighs hurt so badly from hanging over the edge of this toboggan....but does the toboggan show any mercy? NO, it did not stop, ...we kept going....down, down, down the field, all the while, whooping with glee, and me of course, whooping with something akin to laughter and pain mixed together. My thighs, oh, my thighs. I'm totally certain that my jeans have ripped.....Did I dress for this inaugural event? Nope, I'm just in jeans, no winter outwear, because I figure we are NOT going to do this for very long, but 7 more trips later, we are still at it. Of course, after this magnificent ride, we look back to the top of the hill, and then we realize that we have to walk to the top to do it all again. Sadly, today yes, there are small bruises on my outer thighs from that darn ice and snow. Heaven help me, I didn't think I was that overweight.
Anyway, we finished off the day/night with a chili cookoff at church, and then home to watch some Lewis Black on Broadway (hilarious), and drink some great wine from a local winery with our friends.

And so, I leave you with this picture, taken by my gives me hope that soon, oh very soon, we may have some nice weather and sunsets that are beautiful. Knitting help or suggestions are greatly welcomed. I hate funks - how about you?


KnittingMoose said...

I definitely understand the funk happens to all of us! Maybe wandering around the blogs will inspire you to start something you've wanted to make? I'm sure it'll pass soon! :)

Funny about the tobogganing! Sounds like a lot of fun though!

peaknits said...

Oh dear, I hate funks too - and have been in one over this weather...sometimes just setting aside all current stalled projects - so you can do a little more immediate gratification type thing, help. Maybe some fingerless mitts or a hat - just to jump start into something different for now since your current things are vexing. I love, love your story! My mom, sister and I went sledding once, we were all adults - and my mom peed her pants - still makes us giggle! Including my mom, good thing she is such a good sport!:) We even took a picture of her next to the sled later for a fond memory. Sounds like you had too much fun - well deserved after this crummy weather.

Shannon said...

Funks suck! It happens to all of us. I second Peaknits suggestion of an instant gratification project. Maybe a fun hat or mini bag pattern. Maybe go out and find a fabulous skein of yarn to give you some inspiration.

Nell said...

February Funk is a notorious sucker of energy. You should take a bubble bath, have a glass of wine, and snuggle up with a good movie. Either that or hibernate until March.

monica said...

I hate funks too. I think this winter has been a bad one here for me. But mostly because if it is going to be cold, I want snow. and not just a smattering of it, I want real snow.
Thankfully, I seldom get in a knitting funk, and if I do, they usually only last a few days.

I love Nell's advice.

Morticcia said...

Totally understand the funk. The vacuum left by the scarf of constant sorrow probably left you wide open to the bleak emptyness of February. (That's not helpful, now is it??!?!)

I agree with the others, do something relaxing, like taking a long bath. Then pick out your most colorful skein from your stash and make a hat or some fingerless mitts - anything that can be done in a jiffy.

The days are longer, and the sun is with us more and more each day. That's a very good thing. Winter is in it's last trimester. The end is nigh.


Anonymous said...

Oh just cracked me up! I wish I would have been there to see it for myself! haha

Funk? We are all get funky this time of year...hang tough!
I want my socks by winter of this year, maybe?

Love your blog as always!

~ Lindy ~ said...

Hey Kristen....
I'm new to blogging and found your site via Kay's blog. Your story of the tobaggan run was great! I can see the whole thing in my mind! A funk??? I hear ya'. You might want to re-read and re-think your story of the tobaggan run and you'll soon see how blessed you are...even in the gray of winter and long days w/out sunshine. I know you know that....just keep basking in the true SONshine and your FUNK will turn to FUN! I enjoy your blog....oh...and I KNIT also! I learned online after seeing a 100 year old resident in a nursing home making knitted cotton dish cloths! I've always liked those dish cloths and figured if a 100 year old invalid could make them, I could learn also! It only took me FIVE dish cloths to get it right! That's the extent of my knitting....a simple garter (?) stitch! I can do scarves too! Be blest and keep blogging!