Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another Saturday Night

"Another Saturday night, and I ain't got nobody..........I got some money, 'cause I just got paid." Actually, my version goes like this.....
Another Saturday night, and we have 9 volleyball games scheduled. I need some money, but I don't get paid until next week. And the gas prices - BLOODY BOOGER! $3.19/gallon here in RURAL PA.

Pictures! Oh look at this great book! I love it. I have to read through some of the patterns yet, but it just arrived today, along with some needles. I love this book! There are so many interesting patterns for bags of all shapes and sizes, by the best in knitting designers....Pam Allen, Ann Budd, Kristin Nicholas, just to name a few!
Let's talk about the needles that I purchased, shall we? I have to admit that I don't knit my socks with DPN's. I used to think this was a weakness. You know, never having 4 or 5 needles going all at once, making you look all smart. I have two needles, and the wires curl around looking like puppy dog ears. But, I have since developed the perspective that I don't care how you knit anything really, it's enjoying the process that makes it all worthwhile.
Since preferring magic-loop method for most things, I have become an Addi-Turbo Snob. Shocking, I know. But I have. The problem with Addi-Turbo Needles???? They don't make a 2.25mm needle? Huh....You read that right, they simply don't. So, I started browsing Knitpicks, and saw that they did, and after some research on Ravelry, I ordered some needles from them to try, including both their nickel-plated and one pair of the Harmony wood (they are so pretty). I'm anxious to see how they will work, but am determined not to cast on for anything until some other stuff is finished. I'm curious....what's your thoughts on Knitpick's needles? Do you love them? Can you tolerate them? I'm really fussy about the join......from cable to needle. They look smooth, but only knitting with them will confirm this. I "snug-up" on my second stitch when switching needles, and this has caused problems with other needles in the past (but never my dear, sweet Addi's).

Ok, enough rambling about needles......Here's the newly revised start of my fingerless mitts.....I am loving them.

And lastly, who doesn't like to look at some Wollmeise? On the left - Suzanne in 80/20 and on the right, please meet Pfefferminz Prinz in 80/20 also. 80/20 is 80% superwash merino wool, 20% nylon (for added strength for the socks). Both are in the medium dye. I just love them, and fondle them most days! And if you notice, the sun is actually shining through our blinds! :) A welcome surprise after the snow and sleet yesterday. Happy Weekend!


monica said...

The Wollmeise is beautiful, where did you snag that

peaknits said...

Oh, pretty Wollmeise - what are your plans for it?? Great bag book too - I would like that one on the cover. I am anxious to hear your thoughts on the Knit Picks - I love the Harmony needles, though I do use dpns usually, never thought I was But now that you mention it...haha! (I just don't know how to do ML, need to learn this)

KnittingMoose said...

Pretty yarn! I'd like to try some of this famous Wollmeise I keep hearing about all over the blogosphere... :)

Reenie said...

Hi Kris,
YGG...I love the bag on the book cover...hint, hint! haha
Do you use Adobe Photoshop to frame your photos...your site is so nice...
Keep up the Knitting!
Love ya

Nell said...

Gorgeous Wollmeise! Color me jealous!

I love the KP needles! They are by far my favorites. They're sharp with flexi cables and very smooth joins. I think you will be pleased.

Morticcia said...

That bag on the cover is me to a T. Gorgeous!

I was complaining not to long ago about Addis not coming in size US2/2.75mm. What's up with that? Well this had one good consequence and that is that I took the leap and purchased the harmony wood needles from KP and I love them.

So much so that I've been obsessing about ordering all new circs and bartering my current circs away on Ravelry. I just don't have the nerve yet to spend all that moulah.

The KPs have the flexible joins of addis, which I just love, love, love. They also have beautifully sharp tips. Imperative for needles smaller than 3.5mm.

nejyerf said...

HEY!!!! who are you calling a muggle?!!?!?!

love that yarn. and that bag. my sister owes me something handmade and i might just ask for that.