Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where's My Lily Pad?

I've done it! I've taken your greatly appreciated advice, and have attacked this funk with some cool moves of my own. But, as the knitting fates go, I'm frogging the new project! Dear muggles, "frogging" means that I'm going to rip the whole project out to the very beginning and start again. One might think that this alone would be enough to send me into yet another funk, but I'm determined that it shall not! I've really enjoyed knitting with this new yarn from my LYS. It's from LoneSome Stone, and it's their superwash merino, worsted wt yarn called, "Sheepish." The yarn is very, very soft. The knitted fabric is even softer, if you can imagine.

The pattern that I tried is from "One Skein Wonders," and it's simply screwed up when it says to cast off for the thumb. I followed the directions as they were written, even though I KNEW suspected that they were incorrect, I soldiered onward. Silly me, I should know better, and trust my instincts.

So do not fear, I love the yarn! I'm going to frog it, and start afresh with a new pattern that I personally like a little better. The yarn will still become fingerless mitts, but I think that this newer pattern will show off the colorway a tad better. It's a beautiful shade of blue/purple (I like to call this blurple) and green with shades of each just lovingly fading into each other. I have another 200 yd skein of it, and I wonder - Hat or scarf? Is that even enough yardage with the little I'll have left from the mitts (probably about 90 yards or so) to knit a scarf? Probably not.
I did purchase the Cadet pattern on Etsy from Kathryn Ivy. Minerva Turkey has a great photo of it on her blog. Check it out. I can wait. So....what did you think? Maybe the Cadet hat to go with some fingerless mitts? Of if you have a suggestion, I'm open to it.....

As for this pair (or maybe I should say, singleton)'s headed for the frog pond. Make way for my lily pad! :) Thanks again for all the encouraging comments on my last post! You are the best! :)


peaknits said...

Ah, frogging - it can be liberating right?) The cadet will be perfect! So glad you are tackling a new project and keeping at it! Beautiful yarn!

Morticcia said...

Not enough yarn for a scarf, but once you're done, you might have enough for the hat.

Using a food scale to weigh how much you have left, and how much you have used, will give you the best idea on if you have enough left the hat. It's just an eensy weensy bit of maths. :-P

Love those mitts.