Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lazy Winter Days

Just a short post....I wish I could have entitled this post "Lazy Summer Days." But alas, it's about to dump some ugly weather on us yet again today. Unfortunately, I have to work, which means I have to drive in it. "It" being snow, sleet, ice, whatever is headed this way. I'm pretty sure that I should have been a meteorologist. Nobody sues them when they're wrong. We're actually a bit happy most times when they are wrong. I'm going to visit my patients early this morning, and work on my charting from home. Now that's the beauty of this job.

FO alert! I FINISHED the Scarf of Constant Sorrow, and if you can believe it, there are no finished photos. I think I just wanted to get it to its recipient as quickly as I could (which I did). He absolutely loved it, and I wanted him to have it for Valentine's Day (the perfect color). I also gave my nephews their Boy Beanie Hats, and I made this one for my daughter in a more "girly" camo color. It's taking a walk on the wild side with crochet, I know. But I like the variety.

I'm slogging away on the Hockey Stick socks, and as Chicken Knits so aptly puts it, I've turned the heel and am headed for home......It's a long and winding road though, to be sure!
Happy Tuesday!

PS...I'd rather be traveling in my parents' suitcase today. They are headed to Hawaii! But first they must leave that dreaded Chicago airport! UGH!


Nell said...

That hat looks like ice cream! Very cute.

Hopefully I wasn't deluding myself by saying I was headed for home once the heel was turned. It just seems like the end is so close then!

nejyerf said...

i like the pink and green.

i'm a huge fan of pink and green.

keep that in mind when you looking for your next knitting project...(hint hint)

Morticcia said...

Congrats on the end of your slogalong with the scarf 'o constant sorrow. I right behind you, I am. Or maybe not.

Can I co in your parent's suitcase too? Pretty please?