Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Blog Faves and Misc. Musings

Today was a lazy day. I slept until 9:00 am, and we didn't go to church. There's something about not going to church that makes me feel insanely guilty. I woke up Saturday morning at 4:30 am, and slept fitfully until 6:30am or so. I felt tired all day on Saturday. I believe I was exhausted from this week of new beginnings at work. I knew that I needed some rest today. Still, the guilt about not attending church lingers.
I must confess that I stayed in my pj's until after 1:00pm today (that never happens unless I am sick). It was a nice feeling. I took a shower and we went on a nice walk in the fields with the dog, my DH, and my youngest DD. It was a glorious winter day today in PA. As I quietly walked through the fields, I believe I had my own church service. I think the quiet time walking through the fields was what I craved and needed most. Sometimes I lose site of perspective. Oddly enough, the fields that we walked on today are right across my friend's house, the one who just recently passed away. I was reflecting on the fact that our lives are so short, and can be changed in the blink of an eye. But mostly, I just took in the beautiful sunshine of the wintery day, conversed quietly with God, and enjoyed the crunch of my boots as I walked along the ice and snow. My family, with the exception of my oldest DD, loves to be outside. Luckily, my DH is not one who is tied to sports all day on Sundays (as evidenced by the fact that our house is now quiet, and the SUPERBOWL is on the tele), although he watches every now and then. YEAH for me! He does play sports though, and he starts in a competitive men's volleyball league this week. We play in a co-ed league on Saturday nights until March. It's a lot of fun! I'm much too competitive though. I don't like losing. :(
Moving on to my favorite blogs. These are the ones that I enjoy, and read fairly often, if not every day. They are listed as bookmarks on my computer, and I check them often. I really should sign up for bloglines, but I just haven't yet. These are in no particular order.
Sheri at The Loopy Ewe - she's just a lovely person. So sweet and kind. Her sweetness comes through even in her writing. If she'd have her way, I'm sure she'd wing a skein of Wollmeise to all her customers.
A Caffeinated Yarn - now here's a woman who is wildly intelligent, and knits a lot of sweet baby things. And her recipes are so interesting!
The Yo Yo Knits - Alyson is so funny! I think she says exactly what she thinks, without any reservations whatsoever, and yet she does it in a way that makes me laugh and earns my respect at the same time.
The Yarn Pirate - Georgia is so environmentally conscious, and I respect that. She's using a diapering service, and is having an at home birth! Yeah for her! I love her yarns, and her colorways are just gorgeous. She's a wicked knitter too!
Jen at Woolgirl is another sweet personality. I love her quirky and fun contests, and she is the BEST at putting together your shopping purchases. She always includes nice little extras, and I'm always impressed that the tissue paper matches the yarn that you purchase!
Wendy intrigues me with the sheer number of FO's she completes. She describes herself as a process knitter, and that intrigues me as well. I'm much too slow to be a process knitter. She's never much distracted from her projects, and seems to start one, and finish it before casting on another. Amazing!
The Yarn Harlot - how to describe Stephanie? She's probably one of the smartest knitters around, but yet, she speaks to the masses. Although I am nowhere near her knitting level, she writes such witty blog entries that I find myself in tears laughing with her. I also have her books, and she is just the same in them. A very down-to-earth person, whose everyday occurences become blog entries that you can relate to.
Minerva Turkey - I can't say as I frequent her blog every day, but I do visit a lot. She does some very cool projects, and again, doesn't seem distracted by the burning desire to cast-on a new one before the old is finished.
Peaknit - This is one of my very favorite blogs. Stacey has time for everybody. She answers many questions, is always supportive and honest. I'm sure if we lived closer, I would love to make her aquaintence in person, and feel we would be friends. She also has excellent taste in yarns and projects. Check out her recent Clapotis - it's amazing, and her Cherry Cordial socks are beautiful!
Chicken Knits - To start, the title of her blog just cracks me up! :) Nell is a great knitter who accomplishes a lot while going to nursing school. I know how precious any free time is during nursing school, and yet she manages to knit beautiful objects in between the studying! She has great taste in yarn (very similar to my own). I often find if I'm not loving a sock club yarn, she has posted a similar comment on her blog about it. Again, this is one of my faves!
Monica Knits - this is one talented designer! I love to look at her FO's!
A Little Bit of Pink - this is a friend of mine who comes to our craft and book club (and she goes to my church). She is SO talented! She just started an Etsy store, so please go check it out! You won't be disappointed!
Calling Dr. Bombay - Jen is an old friend from high school. She's actually a year younger than me (in my DH's class). She is by and far a witty, wickedly intelligent female, whose writing abilities amaze me. Her sister is a sheep-to-shawler in the New England area. Jen's gone dark on her blog right now, and I miss her entries. She's had it rough since November, with a broken leg. I hope she's back soon!
Grumperina - talented knitting designer. Loved by many. Witty and smart. I think her wedding photos were fabulous! I've yet to knit her Jaywalkers....hmmmmmm...
Two Knits of Ivory - I've just begun reading this blog, but I'm enjoying it so far. I love her photography skills, as well as her commentary. I look forward to more entries.
Marisol has a lovely blog! Very sweet and kind. She has won me with her gorgeous Amethyst shawl, and lots of pictures in her posts! And Lil' Cowboy is the sweetest little boy! Marisol does a lot of contests, so go check her out!
Lastly, to my dear family friend Reenie - she's just begun the blogging journey! I wish you well. I hope that you find blogging to be a great way to organize your thoughts and crafts! :) Love ya!

I'm signing off - this time without a picture. I'm hoping you'll live without a picture until the next post. I am working on the Scarf of Constant Sorrow, and I've cast on the second Sunfish sock. I've crocheted some samples for my LYS owner. And I stand victorious at the top of Mt. Laundrymore! :)


peaknits said...

Thank you so much - you are so kind! After a frustrating weekend - feeling like a less-than-perfect mom, I needed that! Take care and here's to an even better 2nd week. (I agree with you on church, I feel guilty and lazy if I don't go but gosh, it is nice to sleep in or just rest sometimes - such a double edged sword!)

Nell said...

Thank you for the kinds words! Sometimes, I swear I take refuge from everything in knitting and the blog world.

I'm glad you had church by yourself in the woods. Sometimes that's just what the mind and soul needs.

Morticcia said...

I am blushing at the compliment. Thank you so much. Seriously blushing.

A rigorous (or not so rigorous) walk in the crisp winter air is the best medicine sometimes. Winter finally came back to us this morning (8 degrees when I left the house at 6:45 am) and I am looking forward to the walk this evening with our two dogs.

nejyerf said...

imagine my surprise when reading your blog and trying to understand the knitting vernacular to come across my name.

i LOVE it when people reference me, because it is after all....all about me.