Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fessin' Up

I really didn't have the energy or the strength (ok, maybe the guts) to admit how many UFO's I have hidden at the bottom on a yarn basket on the needles.
But I've decided that it's time to be mature about this knitting thing. Ha ha ha.
I'm listing three UFO's today (unfinished objects for the muggles), and then tomorrow,...........wait for it....the Scarf of Constant know the one, that old red thing I've been knitting since this fall. It's almost done. But, I digress, and I don't want to spoil the next post. On to the confession.....Please step into the box next to the priest read on.

First item up - Sunfish socks - yes, there seems to be one done - that's the problem. Just one! It's a simple knit, in a light sport-weight yarn, and I've just got to cast on the other one, and actually KNIT it, and well, then it would be a FO.

Moving on.....this sock looks so funny! Why do my socks look so anorexic skinny? I know that I'm a tight knitter (obviously, this tightness doesn't apply to yarn purchasing...), but COME ON! I do get gauge (sometimes). And they usually fit the person's foot. Anyway, I've named this sock (notice I didn't say sock(s), because alas, there is AGAIN only one of these babies), the Hockey Stick Sock. Its single status puts it on the UFO pile. In my defense, the second sock is on the needles, but it's been there for almost two weeks. It gets knitted during bowling matches. PS - the bowling matches are pretty much over for the year, so I'll have to suck up find other time to finish these mean socks. I'm not loving the Shibui Knits, but again, I digress.

Lastly, for this post because I'm in denial, I've been knitting this sweet baby sweater. I'm almost done. I'm going to modify the pattern, and add a couple of extra rows in stockinette before starting the band of garter stitch at the bottom. I have enough yarn, and I think it would look better. BTW - this pattern is called the 5 Hour Baby Sweater. Yeah, right. I've knit on it for about 7 hours already, and the directions are a bit wonky. It took a little more time last night when I was trying to separate the stitches to knit for the sleeves. I also might have been distracted by "Criminal Minds," but I digress yet again.

My knitting has truly saved me this week, as have my family,friends, and fellow bloggers. Work is tough people. Starting a new job takes guts and fortitude. I'm losing both as the week wanes. I know it will get better, but I'm such a perfectionist that it's interfering with my stuff, and I'm way behind on the charting (the patient visits are good and interesting). The charting is hard and slow. Lots of rules and regs with the charting. And apparently, I can't work a mouse that is the size of a pencil eraser or use a stylus very well either. This slows me down even more. Sigh.
BONUS - tomorrow is TGIF, even if there is ice/snow predicted weatherwise.
Stay tuned for the Scarf of Constant Sorrow, and maybe some blog awards (if I can download the button on dial-up).


Morticcia said...

I'm glad I didn't choose that 5 hour baby sweater for the shower I have tomorrow, as I did download the pattern and contemplate it. I'd probably be tearing my hair out right now.

As far as my BSJ, I have no clue on the size it will fit just yet. I'm hoping when I compare it to my cousin's grandaughter tomorrow, I'll have a better idea. :-/ (I'm risky like that! ;-P)

peaknits said...

Scarf of Sorrow - makes me think of the Soggy Bottom Boys from O Brohter Where Art Thou! Made me chuckle!

Keep plugging away and the charting will come! Take care and enjoy a weekend!

Nell said...

That's not so many UFO's. Completely manageable!