Friday, January 11, 2008

What A Week!

To say that this week has been hard would be an understatement. To say that this post will be short will also be an understatement, but it will be cathartic for me to type it. So bear with me. I will try not to whine too much, but I have to relate some events. Some wonderful, some peculiar, some strange, some heartbreaking, some downright silly events.
Monday - A rather calm day....some exercising (ok 45 minutes of it, jeez), rather normal. Looking forward to wrapping up things at my (current) old job.
Tuesday - Received my recent Amazon order containing "The Opinionated Knitter" and a DVD copy of A&E and the BBC's version of "Pride and Prejudice." Love that Mr Darcy!
"The Opinionated Knitter" - I'm astounded, and a bit intimidated. This is my first meeting with EZ, and I so want to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ), but the pattern is so sparse, and I fear that I do not have the knitting talent to accomplish it. And then, you know, I was thinking about my stash, and what would be a good yarn to use for my first attempt with this know - gotta formulate THE PLAN. I even joined the BSJ group on Ravelry. But alas, I did not need to do any stash diving for the BSJ, as the perfect yarn came to me as a surprise from Marisol, and I now have the perfect yarn....from Marisol's blog contest - YEAH Marisol! Thank you so much! She sent me this delightful skein of Lisa Souza's Sport Weight sock yarn - 500 yards! In Joseph's Coat colorway. It is destined to be my BSJ yarn. so bright and cheerful.....

And she must secretly know about my obsession with chocolate, because I got some of that too! AND she also has the coolest cards that are just like her blog....very cool!
Check it out - pic is a little dark and blurry (did you expect anything else from me?). The card says, "In the rhythm of the needles, there is music for the soul." Cool, Marisol. Way cool. I love me my music.

I digress - Wednesday - taken out to lunch by my peers and co-workers (at current/old job, where I'm still employed until next Thursday) at a lovely restaurant to celebrate my new job, and to say "Good-bye." Then they promptly interviewed candidates for my current position, at 2:00pm (across the hallway from my office). Yeah....pretty awkward.
6:10 pm - Called my friend's room at the nursing home to find out that I might have been the first person to intrude on a family's private moment after they lost their loved one - silly, stupid me....I felt terrible. Evelyn has just died, and I'm telephoning her. I had no idea, and her DH and I are friends, we've talked about this moment, and all is well. I felt so terrible, but how could I know?

Thursday - Had a not so great staff conference with an employee (not mine, I might add, still at old job) for over 2 hours. It was followed by a conference call with my boss to report events of said staff meeting, who then called my assistant to tell her that she got my current/old job.....Don't get me wrong. She is the best candidate, and a great employee and person....but it's still awkward! And you know, I'm dealing with changing jobs, friend dying, etc. We then went to lunch to celebrate.....
Thursday evening - call from my Pastor. The family has given me the distinct honor of playing piano for my friend's funeral. I sob like a baby. How does one even begin this task? Every time I sit at the piano, I can't read the music for the tears. I only hope that my meager offering pays a loving tribute in celebration of her life....again, I don't feel worthy.

Friday - (working for my new job, but still have 4 days left at my old job next week)...getting ready to do my second home visit of the day, and take a potty break before leaving (never can tell what client's homes are like, and wouldn't use some of those bathrooms). Head to bathroom at office, and cell phone falls from nursing scrub pocket (hint - don't use the pocket that those manufacturers LABEL and BRAG as cell phone pockets) into toilet. Cell phone dead - won't turn on. DH not very happy with me.
DH retrieves another phone from his co-worker, we put my SIM card in, and switch the service to that phone, and problem diverted, but not without some distress from me - I use it a lot, especially at work....CRIPES! What happened to the New Year's aspiration? I need to relax.

Friday pm - come home from new job (I work there one day a week, so as not to confuse you more), and read e-mail from old job - they want to contract me to train my assistant, who now has my old job - CRIPES! Not relaxing at all. This would mean starting my new job full time, and contracting with them over and beyond my 40+ hours. Too stressful, yet, I don't know if I can refuse.

Friday later pm - still nursing strained back muscle from playing racquetball with 3 men (one was my DH) on Tuesday night. Muscle needs to be in shape, as co-ed volleyball league starts tomorrow night...

Friday, late pm - collapse in bed, exhausted, and in need of some sleep.
Thanks for hanging in there. It was good for me to get this out of my system. Next week, well, it begins with the funeral, but it ends with the end of my old job (at least I think), and a day off for my youngest DD's birthday. I can only rely on hope and grace to get me through it all. And of course, you, my loyal blog readers....the few, the proud, the people who most certainly will never read it again after this post! :)


Marisol said...

Wow what a whirlwind! Chin up! Things will get better soon!

I am glad you liked your Lisa Souza yarn. I'll stay tuned to see how it looks as a BSJ:)

Adie said...

Hang in there Kwissy. Talked to your DH tonight. You were already in bed.

Nell said...

As to the ill times phone call, you have to look at it as you reaching out to your friend. I'm sure her family appreciates that you cared enough to call. And they clearly aren't upset since they asked you to play piano for the service. That's a huge honor and I know you'll do a wonderful job. (even if you sob through the whole thing) Hugs to you. Take care.

peaknits said...

Wow, what a tough week...and week to come. Life is really hard sometimes, you can only do the best you can do. SO take a deep breath (or ten) and you will get through this - you can only be strong as you can be too - I think crying and playing the piano is absolutely acceptable when you lose someone you love, your feelings, afterall, are flowing through that music. Take care! I'll be thinking of you and waiting to hear how you are hanging in there - I promise to come back *wink*