Saturday, January 26, 2008


January 17th was the last day at my old job. I've had this past week to reflect, sleep, exercise, sleep, shop, sleep, knit, sleep. Did I mention that I had time to sleep? Oh, okay, I guess I did! Gone are the days of sitting at this desk, writing policies, reviewing menus, sending kids home with pinkeye or a fever, making sure they get their cavities filled, etc. Basically, you know, trying to initiate world peace from a preschool nursing perspective. But for awhile now, I've felt chained to this desk. When the opportunity arose, I took "the bull by the horns," so to speak. I wonder, was this the right thing to do?

Now, beginning on Monday, there will be days that look like this one, driving from home to home, in weather like this day, which happened to be the 17th of January, my last day at my old job. Don't get me wrong, I do love snow. It is a beautiful sight to behold. I don't particularly like driving in it very much. I CAN drive in it, I just don't prefer to drive in it. Ice is worse, much worse. We're not even talking about ice in this post. I wonder, is there anyone out there that enjoys driving in this weather all the time?

Yes, Monday the 28th, I will embark on my journey into the field of home health nursing....the place I've always wanted to be since I've been a nurse. I'm both excited and nervous about it. I wonder if I'm smart enough, I wonder if I'll be free enough for my family, I wonder about the "on-call" status, and being out late at night. I wonder if I'll be okay with spending a portion of the holidays away from my family some of the time? I wonder if I'll be able to do it, period.
I wonder too, if there will be pictures in my next post that aren't taken on a slightly crooked angle.....And of course, I wonder whether the next post will contain some knitting content and maybe some yarn photos?
What do you wonder?


peaknits said...

I wonder how you can stand the excitement of a new chapter in your life unfolding?:) Hurray - good for you for taking a risk for something worth it to you. Good luck with your first day and all of this snow. I must admit, the crummy weather is starting to make me ornery - like PMS - except EWDS, enough with the damn snow.:)

Nell said...

Kudos to you for doing what you want to do- especially in home health nursing. We need more people like you!

Have a great day tomorrow. I'm excited to see how you like it.

Kay said...

Good Luck with the new job and new adventure!