Monday, January 7, 2008

First Finished Object of 2008!

Stats: Boy Beanie
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in #971 - Camouflage
Hook - Size I
Started - 1/6/08
Finished - 1/6/08
Started second one 1/6/08.
Here's what happens when you hang out with a hooker (I was going to entitle the post just that..."Hangin' With A Hooker," but I didn't know what kind of comments or people would be directed here then....YIKES)!
This is straight from this book. It is entitled the boy beanie, and let me tell you why I love the hook. You can have a finished object in no time at all. Period. Brief history of my crafting life. I was a hooker before I was a knitter. Actually, to be brutally honest, I did weave those potholders (you know the ones, they fit on the red loom - didn't you have one too?), and did plastic canvas projects as a kid, but those were the good old days (NOT) poor parents - everything was done in cheesy canvas and green/gold/orange....sigh. Then somebody, way back when, gave me plastic knitting needles and I learned the garter stitch. No casting on, no binding off, no purl stitch, no more, nothing else. Just plain garter stitch. YEAH, I got bored with that. Knitting had its resurgence again when someone handed me a pair of metal US #9 needles (they were so long I could poke you from across the room while remaining still), and some cotton yarn, and taught me how to knit a simple dishcloth (with yarn overs at the beginning). For the next year, everyone had new dishcloths in every color imaginable. I owned stock in cotton yarn from Walmart.
Then I moved on to counted cross stitch. I actually like that craft still. But alas, I became a cross-stitch snob. No more Aida cloth for me - only linen, thank you very much! DMC floss - ok, when I have to, but I prefer the hand-dyed threads. Ahem.....
So, I'm pluggin' along, happily cross-stitching, and hooking away whenever a new baby came along - you know, Afghan and such (they're short projects for a baby), and I decide to walk into the LYS. MISTAKE! Barrage of color and textures, and oh, how I admired those knitted garments! Bought a few skeins of yarn and some size US #8 needles (my first wooden ones), and the love affair has not stopped. So, to those of you who fear that I may forsake my knitting....NEVER! :) May I occasionally do some other crafts - absolutely! But I have this feeling that I will always return to my knitting. It's really my first love (next to pot holders of course).


Kay said...

oh how nice, and how nice to have completed something already this year. Now get those ends woven into Lauren's project!

Nell said...

You crazy hooker, you! HAHA!

I can't even see that hat. Because it's camo!

nejyerf said...

all this technical talk about knitting all sounds like gibberish and i must confess made my eyes cross.

but the pot holders i understand.

i just bought a set of those looms for my niece and nephew. i'm guessing i'll soon be gifted with pot holders!?!