Thursday, January 17, 2008

I get by.....with a little help from my friends

Where would I be without my family and friends this week? I'm talking about you readers too, who came, read, and posted such caring comments! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. From start to finish, Evelyn's services were beautiful, and filled with hope. My brother, Greg, sat with me every time I played the piano at the funeral, and he was just the biggest support (my DH came later, and sat with his friend who is not comfortable in church, but wanted to attend the services). Love ya Greg! And a special hug to my DH, for helping and respecting his friend's wishes to sit in the back of the santuary.

Last night I went to crafts (our local version of SNB, but not limited to knitting or crocheting). It was fun, and just what I needed. Jess brought me these books to read.....I know it's hard to imagine, but I've never read Sedaris....but I will begin!

Kay brought us some homemade granola - YUM! I love it! It was packaged very nicely (Kay is so talented, just peek at her blog), and she might be selling her homemade things on Etsy. I'll keep you posted. She does wonderful crazy quilting, among many, many other things.

Lastly, after I arrived home from transporting DD #1 to confirmation classes and crafts, tucked the DD #2 into her bed, I put my feet up (only for the photo), and thought to myself, "Next week when I'm off work....I buying REAL chucks!" :)


peaknits said...

I just listened to Naked on audiobook - my god, so funny! I saw some clear Chucks on the net - perfect for showing off handknit socks, eh? If not just a tad silly huh?:)

Nell said...

You are going to love Sedaris. He's hilarious and a little off. Which I LOVE.

I think you well deserve to put those feet up.