Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Bowling Mom Who Wears REAL Chucks, and Receives Gifts of Potholders

Yes, it's official. I've spent the last two Saturday afternoons at the bowling alley, for 2 to 3 hours, watching frame after frame (and knitting of course) of freshman bowling their hearts out. I think it's great, and our Varsity teams are actually pretty good! My DD #1 (the bowler) has learning disabilities, along with many physical limitations. She has been cleared to bowl, and it has been so good for her! Team spirit, hangin' with her friends, spending my yarn money. Ha Ha! I do get some knitting time as well as watching the matches. I can't believe how many people are on the bowling team - something like 50 (our school is small). Last year our girls' varsity took the state championship. My DD#1 usually does not make the actual team, but she has spunk, and I admire her for trying this endeavor. Even if she doesn't make the team (which changes week-to-week, dependent upon her practice scores), she can still bowl 2 games while the match takes place.

Yesterday on the way to said bowling alley, we stopped by the mall where I bought these cool shoes (Yes, they are Chucks - the high top version)! You know, I promised to get some. And DD #1 got some cool black Nikes with pink on them. Very stylish. She's my tomboy, so I'm always shocked when any form of pink appears on her body.

DD #2 had a birthday this past week as well. She got a lot of cools gifts, including....a weaving loom. And low and behold, the potholders have come back to haunt me. I came home from the bowling alley yesterday, and was met with this potholder (it was still on the loom, and DH couldn't work the crochet hook to get it off). I took it off the loom today, and my DD #2 gave it to me. She chose the pattern and colors herself. I'm pretty impressed! I saw some potholders today that my Nana had saved from my weaving days, and DD #2 has a much better sense of color and patterning than I ever did. My "works of art" were more eclectic and no patterns were involved whatsoever. Hmmm.......

And because I have such a grownup outlook regarding my knitting....sigh, I cast on for the BSJ today! I also cast on a second sock yesterday at the bowling alley, and knitted a couple of inches on the leg. See, I'm trying to be responsible about finishing projects first, but this process is a bit trying for me. So here are the very first couple of rows of my very first BSJ. The yarn is Lisa Souza in Hardtwist Merino, in Joseph's Coat. And before rumors run rampant, I AM NOT PREGNANT! I'm knitting this project as a pleasure for me, and truth be told, my youngest brother is expecting his 4th child, so it may well be for that wee one. Ok, we've cleared all that up, so here's a peek! .

And this week, I'm off work. I'm in between jobs, and don't start the new one until next week. A whole week off! YIPEE! I hope to work extensively on the BSJ, and of course, that second sock (cough, cough).


Nell said...

I'm glad to hear your daughter has found something she really likes! Bowling is great for social life and physical life.

Great shoes!

peaknits said...

Nice Chucks! And BSJ beginning - I think I( need to pull the trigger and get this book - I am so curious about Elizabeth Zimmerman and her diety-like standing among knitters. I must join the EZ religion!:)