Monday, January 28, 2008

All In A Day's Work

Today was the official first day on the job (although I've worked for this hospital for over 2 years on a "as-needed" basis). It was a bit know...they had to set-up my company laptop (brand-spankin' new one), set up my company cell phone (which I still need to program), and also sent me to see two patients (one of which needed to be admitted to our service - this is an extensive process, with lots of time spent in the patient's home and time in the office doing the charting). I have one word that drives most of this extensive charting.....MEDICARE! I came home from work, made supper for tomorrow night, and helped DH with supper for tonight, and then promptly crawled in my bed for a long winter's nap....My DD's woke me up, and I made it downstairs again to photograph these things for you.

First up - who would think this odd-shaped piece would amount to anything at all? Maybe we should get a fish tank for it? HA HA - NOT! I threw it at my DH last night after it was finished, and asked him to assemble it. He couldn't put it together. Just like Humpty Dumpty!

But alas, Elizabeth Zimmerman was a knitting genius! Look at how this lovely little jacket comes together with a mere folding....All I have to do is sew the shoulder seams and pick out some buttons (still not sure of the sex of the baby, so will hold on the buttons for now), and WOW - Baby Surprise Jacket. I'm just surprised that it's finished!

BSJ - Started 1/20/08.
Finished - 1/27/08.
Lisa Souza Yarn in Joseph's Coat Colorway (sport-wt yarn)
Needles - Size US #4 Addi Turbo 40" length.

With all the help on Ravelry and the BSJ Knitting Guide (Cheat sheet - can someone help me here? How do you draw a line through words on your posts, yet still be able to read them?), it was an easy, enjoyable knit, although I must say, it does take faith to just keep knitting.

Last night, after the throwing of the completed BSJ, my DH mentioned that his co-worker is expecting a baby girl any day (I think I forgot this), and that he didn't have a gift. They usually pool their money together at his work place, but alas, this hasn't happened. So, I began knitting this sweater - it's from a pattern from my LYS called the "5-Hour Sweater." Now, I'm a slow it will take more like 10 hours, but it is fun so far, and the colors are just gorgeous! It's Naturally Nazareth Wool, worsted weight, and I'm knitting on US #8 needles. A nice change!

What's up your knitting sleeve this week?


Morticcia said...

Use the word strike and /strike, bracketed with <> to get a line through a text. Blogger comments wont let you actually type it out.

Your BSJ looks awesome! I'm on row 79 of my first one, and using Dawn Adcock's cheat sheet throughout the whole process!

Nell said...

I'm glad you had a solid first day. It probably seems overwhelming with all the paperwork and new systems. But I know you'll do great!

peaknits said...

What a surprise indeed - love that little jacket! So need to try this pattern in my future. Great first day too - double hurray!

Marisol said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your BSJ sweater! It came out fabulous and it really warms my heart that the yarn I sent turned into this super adorable little sweater!

Wow, Just Wow!